We’ve been excited about our new, effective product we offer our clients, direct mail retargeting. Direct mail retargeting is a powerful technology that can help you connect with digital visitors, increase conversions, and work around digital clutter and fatigue—a phenomenon that is plaguing consumers.  

Direct Mail Retargeting Circumvents Digital Clutter 

Digital clutter is a problem—and it’s affecting consumers and businesses alike. The concept of digital clutter is a thoroughly modern problem that leads to overwhelm, fatigue, and missed communication between businesses and consumers. 

 In extreme cases, digital clutter can lead to tens of thousands of unread e-mails in inboxes and days-long streams of notifications on mobile devices. Many consumers have downloaded apps specifically to mass delete countless e-mails, notifications, and spam texts because they feel so overwhelmed. Others may simply ignore communication all together or set-up filters to automatically move e-mails spam folders.  

While these actions can eliminate some digital clutter, it makes it difficult for businesses to reach out to their consumer base through digital channels. Direct mail retargeting is a great workaround for this issue as it involves using advanced software to send mail pieces to digital visitors to your website. 

Our Direct Mail Retargeting Program can have direct mail generated to about 70% of your website’s daily visitors within 24 hours. This makes establishing thoughtful contact and circumventing digital clutter a breeze.  

Retargeting Creates Higher Conversion Rates for Digital Consumers 

Over 95% of digital visitors leave a website before making a purchase. Direct mail retargeting software produces results by sending print mail to a digital user’s physical mailbox. This mail can be personalized to its recipient and even anticipate what products or services are most likely to appeal to an individual consumer thanks to advanced modeling and predictive software. When direct mail campaigns offer discounts through VIP coupon codes or BOGO deals, the likelihood of making a sales conversion increases substantially.  

Direct Mail Resonates with Almost Everyone 

Direct mail is more powerful than many people realize. In fact, print advertising is seen as significantly more trustworthy than digital. Even younger generations such as Millennials and Gen Z enjoy receiving brand communication via direct mail.  

Print campaigns resonate with consumers because they generate a sensory experience. After all, direct mail can be touched and even smelled—two powerful senses that cannot be stimulated in the digital realm. The likelihood that a consumer will hold a piece of mail from your business is far greater than the likelihood that that same consumer will open (and read) an e-mail campaign from your brand.  

The friendly experts at Pel Hughes are here to help you make the most of your next direct mail campaign. In addition to direct mail retargeting, we offer graphic design, campaign automation, and database services. We work with businesses, non-profit organizations, and higher educational institutions throughout the United States. Give our pros a call at (504) 486-8646 to learn more about how our team can serve your needs.  

Marketing to millennials can be challenging for print and digital marketers. This generation has had their lives earmarked by two radically different worlds. Imagine your formative years consisting of wall-mounted landline telephones, printed maps, and TV Guide subscriptions with your teenage years and adulthood consisting of smartphones, GPS, and Netflix. Tethering between these strikingly different ways of living, millennials are fully capable of embracing the rapid advancement of technology while holding a sentimental nostalgia for life before the Digital Age. The following are some helpful facts about millennials as well as tips for marketing to them for the best response.  

Understanding Millennials—Facts and Statistics You Need to Know 

  • The millennial generation is big! In fact, Millennials outpace Boomers by 1.5 million people. 
  • Millennials fall between the ages of 26 and 42. 
  • This generation is educated, with over a quarter having at least a bachelor’s degree.  
  • The average income for millennials hovers just above $35,000.  
  • Millennials collectively contribute over $1 trillion in disposable income to the economy. 
  • Millennials are the most racially, ethnically, and religiously diverse generation in the United States’ history. 

Due to their life experiences, millennials are largely misunderstood by older generations. The millennial generation grew up through widespread divorce, overworked parents, rapid increases in cost of living, and several economic and geopolitical crises. These events and experiences led to millennials prioritizing work-life balance and craving a sense of social progress through informed consumerism. Millennials have taken a hit in the press with numerous pieces written about them accusing them of being entitled or lazy because their priorities and worldview differs from that of their predecessors.  

Earning a millennials’ patronage of your business involves so much more than offering a great deal on a product or service. Due to coming-of-age with the World Wide Web at their fingertips, millennials tend to be very socially aware of global societal issues and want to spend their money with companies who operate ethically, sustainably, and fairly. This is why corporations and brands with strong social responsibility initiatives resonate particularly well with millennials.  

Beyond socially conscious consumerism, millennials respond well to personalization. From personalized sneakers to programmable thermostats, millennials enjoy products and services tailored to their needs and lifestyle.  

Tips for Effective Marketing to Millennials 

While millennials are dialed in to social media, e-mail and app-based commerce, they are surprisingly receptive to traditional marketing channels like direct mail. In fact, according to the USPS, millennials enjoy checking their mailboxes and are more likely to respond to direct mail than many other forms of advertising.  

When it comes to direct mail, offering coupons and promotional offers are helpful for grabbing a younger consumers’ attention but building a lasting relationship with millennials often involves selling your brand’s unique approach to social responsibility along with personalized goods and services.  

Although direct mail is a winning strategy for marketing to millennials, its effectiveness is best paired with an omnichannel approach. Smart direct mail—embedded with QR codes or PURLs along with personalized copy can help drive young consumers to your digital channels. QR codes and digital engagement will also provide the metrics you need to find out what types of messaging work best with millennial consumers.  

Pel Hughes is a full-service printer that provides next-level client service and embraces advanced printing and omnichannel marketing technology. We offer graphic design, direct mail, cross media marketing, campaign automation, and database services to businesses and organizations throughout the United States. Give our friendly pros a call at (504) 486-8646 to get started on your next print marketing campaign.  

Gen Z—or “Zoomers”—are comprised of people born after 1996. While plenty of Gen Z folks are still in high school or college, a significant portion of this generation have been in the workforce for several years. As the oldest of Zoomers are approaching their late 20s more data is coming in about consumer activity, worldview, and lifestyle and how this information relates to marketing to Gen Z. While there is still a lot to be learned about this upcoming generation, there does exist data to help marketers develop messaging that resonates with Zoomers.  

What we Know About Gen Z (So Far) 

Unlike Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers, Gen Z has lived their lives entirely in the Digital Age. The oldest of Zoomers have very limited memories of a time before continuous Internet access and smartphones. Marketers have coined the term “Digital Natives” to illustrate this fact.  

Prior to COVID-19, Gen Z was on track to inherit a more robust economy than their millennial predecessors. They are also on track to becoming the most educated generation in our nation’s history. Unfortunately, a global pandemic has caused serious concerns about the state of Gen Z’s future. Living through the pandemic on the cusp of adulthood has rooted anxiety and uncertainty among the Zoomer general consciousness as many Gen Zers were directly affected by job loss and economic instability in the wake of COVID-19.  

Despite economic challenges, younger people intend to pursue higher education and gravitate toward employment in IT, finance, and other white-collar professions. A significant portion of Gen Z were raised by parents with college education including graduate degrees. 

Zoomers are ethnically diverse and about 22% of Zoomers have at least one parent who was an immigrant. By 2025, roughly one-quarter of Gen Z will be immersed in the workforce and as of now, Zoomers account for $300 billion in purchasing power annually.  

 Tips for Marketing to Gen Z 

Some may believe that marketing to Gen Z is a solely digital initiative, but data suggests otherwise. While Gen Z is certainly attuned to digital messaging, they are far more receptive to print advertising than many think. Gen Z responds well to direct mail—particularly when mail is personalized and contains appealing messaging. Zoomers want to be acknowledged and treated with respect. Compared to previous generations, Gen Z typically isn’t as forgiving as other consumers. One bad experience will lead them to seeking out goods and services from your competitors. Earning Gen Z consumer loyalty boils down to providing excellent customer service, personalized messaging, socially responsible business practices, and superior products.  

Like Millennials, Gen Z craves authenticity and print advertising helps satisfy that need. Zoomers are acutely aware of their need to unplug from the digital world. Holding a tangible piece of mail is a great way to reach out to consumers at times when they are tired from tech. Even though this generation is comfortable with PCs, tablets, and smartphones, their preferred reading medium is print.  

When it comes to marketing to Gen Z with direct mail, consider the following strategies: 

  • Like millennials, Gen Z appreciates personalized messaging. 
  • Zoomers respond very favorably to testimonials and reviews. Younger folks trust the opinions and experiences of other consumers more than slick sales tactics.  
  • Add value with coupons, discounts, and BOGO offers. Gen Z is quite thrifty—likely because their formative years were influenced by the Great Recession.  
  • Promote a tactile experience through direct mail. As more people engage with the world in a digital way, our sense of touch is neglected more than other senses. Adding embellishments like raised varnishes and using high quality stock on direct mail helps nurture our need for touch.  

The pros at Pel Hughes can help you take your direct mail to the next level. In addition to full-service printing and graphic design, we provide access to campaign automation software, personalization tools, database services, and so much more. Give our helpful experts a call at (504) 486-8646 to request a quote.  

Direct mail continues to resonate with consumers across most demographics. The trick to producing great direct mail campaigns is to study emerging trends and implement the trends most likely to resonate with customers. For several consecutive years, marketers have found that personalized and digital-friendly direct mail has made great strides in engagement with consumers. As we progress through 2024, direct mail that is personalized and digital-friendly will continue to yield the best results for marketers.

Following is some helpful information on how to keep your direct mail campaigns on-trend for optimal results.

Important Direct Mail Trends to Consider in Your Next Campaign

Personalized Direct Mail is a Trend That is Here to Stay 

Personalization is powerful. As we become more dependent on technology in nearly every facet of our lives, feeling seen and heard matters. What personalization really boils down to is acknowledging the recipient of your direct mail as an individual. Personalized direct mail can involve addressing a recipient by their legal name but it can also go beyond that. With advanced software, technology can quickly analyze a consumer’s preferences, purchasing habits, and even anticipate products or services that can appeal to them. There’s data to back this notion up, too—personalized direct mail boasts a response rate that is nearly 30% higher than generic mailings.

Integrating Direct Mail with Digital Gets Results 

Enhancing direct mail with digital elements is a powerful trend that all businesses, non-profits, and higher education organizations should utilize. Implementing digital elements such as PURLs, QR codes, and links to social media on your direct mail improves your customers’ experiences. More than that, however, routing consumers to your digital properties like websites, social media, curated shopping carts, and personalized landing pages can provide very insightful metrics to help cater to the unique preferences and needs of individual consumers.

Sustainable Mail is Preferred by Most Consumers 

A growing majority of people are concerned with how businesses affect the environment. Leading with a commitment to sustainability resonates with people from diverse backgrounds and belief systems. Choosing recycled materials, for example, or working with printers who use energy-saving and environmentally friendly technology can be a huge selling point for the public. Be sure to mention your commitment to sustainable practices on your website and marketing materials to educate your consumers.

Emotional Storytelling Spurns Consumer Action 

Crafting emotional narratives in your direct mail copy resonates with people. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rise of remote work, and increase in reliance on technology, people long for connection with the world around them. Using powerful storytelling is a great way to humanize your business or organization while showcasing your products’ or services’ positive impact on consumers. Emotional storytelling can be as simple as sharing customer testimonials or highlighting your organization’s philanthropic efforts. The bottom line for marketers in 2024 is that it is not only ok—but effective—to use emotion to connect with your audience.

Pel Hughes is a full-service printer based in New Orleans. We work with businesses and organizations in diverse industries throughout the United States. In addition to custom direct mail, we offer cross media marketing, database services, and graphic design. Click here or call (504) 486-8646 to request a quote.

Direct mail marketing is a powerful tool to help expand your brand’s reach and engage with customers. In September, Adweek hosted a conference with executives from the USPS. These executives had several notable insights to share about direct mail and its impact on specific demographic groups. The pros at Pel Hughes have compiled a short rundown of what USPS executives had to say about direct mail marketing at the conference.

#1 The USPS is Modernizing

Sometimes, the USPS doesn’t get the credit it deserves for keeping American civilians and businesses thriving. For instance, millions of prescriptions are delivered on time each week. The USPS provides significant support to businesses of all sizes in nearly every industry. Then, of course, the USPS is tasked with the monumental task of delivering parcels during intense periods of consumer activity such as the winter holidays. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the USPS has seen huge upticks in meeting the shipping demands of numerous retailers.

In an effort to accommodate the changing landscape of American life, the USPS has implemented a 10-year plan to modernize its operations and keep up with the pace of our country’s mailing demands. As part of the bipartisan Postal Service Reform Act, the USPS will reduce its operating budget by $48 million in the next decade. The postal service will also implement a fleet of electric vehicles to deliver mail as part of this 10-year plan.

USPS executives are confident that the postal service will continue to meet the changing demands of American consumers and businesses.

#2 Gen Z is Very Responsive to Direct Mail Marketing

Overall, every generation responds favorably to direct mail marketing. In fact, direct mail has higher ROIs than social media and e-mail advertising. Surprisingly, Gen Z thoroughly enjoys direct mail. As “digital natives” it might be easy to assume that Gen Z would prefer digital contact to physical mail, but this generation is acutely aware of the need to reduce screen time and engage with the world in a more tangible way. Direct mail is appealing to younger folks because it evokes the sense of touch—a sense that cannot be nurtured by the digital world.

#3 Merging Direct Mail with Digital Marketing is Easier than Ever

Direct mail and digital marketing do not have to stand in competition with one another. In fact, direct mail and digital marketing can cooperate with one another in a way that enhances the customer experience and increases consumer engagement. Making your direct mail digital-friendly is a breeze with technology like PURLs (personalized URLs) and QR codes. Inversely, direct mail retargeting is great for making contact by mail after a digital interaction with a consumer.

The experts at Pel Hughes can help you take your direct mail to the next level. We offer an array of services including graphic design, cross media marketing, campaign automation, and retargeting to ensure that you receive the best ROI possible on your direct mail campaigns. Give us a call today at (504) 486-8646 to learn more.

The printing pros at Pel Hughes provide compelling direct mail for banks and credit unions. Using direct mail for banks can give your financial institution a competitive edge—particularly when you personalize direct mail for specific audiences. Following is a helpful rundown on how your bank or credit union can benefit from personalized direct mail campaigns. 

Benefits of Direct Mail for Banks 

 Direct mail is a marketing powerhouse that often doesn’t receive the credit it deserves for making thoughtful contact with a brand’s clientele. While digital marketing has its place, direct mail offers a higher ROI than e-mail campaigns and sponsored ads for nearly every industry.  

One of the best benefits to utilizing direct mail is establishing a sense of trust with consumers. In fact, direct mail is seen as the most trustworthy form of advertising across multiple age groups and other demographics. Maintaining loyal relationships with clients in the banking world almost always revolves around trust.  

Direct mail campaigns are a great way to complement digital advertising and marketing, too. Merging physical print pieces with a solid web presence is a highly effective method for following up on leads, fostering a sense of loyalty with consumers, and upselling existing clientele.  

Personalized Direct Mail is Best for Financial Institutions 

Not all direct mail is created equal. Personalized and targeted direct mail is the way to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. Personalization requires reliable data and access to advanced software that segments your audience and automates campaigns.  

Personalization is an important component in spurning consumer action. Today’s consumer wants to feel appreciated and valued. A personalized direct mail campaign offers abundant options. Examples of personalized direct mail can include special offers and purchasing incentives to celebrate a loyal customer’s birthday. It can also involve tailored messaging to an individual’s unique needs. For example, a bank or credit union could send campaigns to all customers over the age of 55 offering high-interest savings accounts to those working toward retirement, special financing incentives that make it easier for empty nesters to downsize their mortgages, and so much more. Similarly, younger demographics can benefit from tailored messaging geared to purchasing a first home, building their credit rating, and personal finance tools like budgeting apps or automatic bill pay.  

How Pel Hughes Can Help 

The printing pros at Pel Hughes offer a one-stop-shop for all your direct mail needs. Our full-service printing company works with banks, credit unions, and financial institutions throughout the United States. In addition to printing and fulfillment, we offer graphic design, database services, campaign automation, and client-forward customer service. Give our friendly experts a call at (504) 486-8646 to learn more about personalized direct mail for banks and credit unions.  


As part of our third post for “Direct Mail Appreciation Month”, we would like to discuss the nostalgic power direct mail has on consumers across various demographics. Unlike social media, paid search, and e-mail marketing, direct mail is tangible. Delivered right to a recipient’s mailbox, direct mail evokes the sense of touch—making it feel more personal and more trustworthy. If you’re looking to grab your customers’ attention, direct mail is a powerful tool you should consider. The following are some insights on direct mail benefits you need to know.  

Direct Mail Benefits You Need to Know About 

How Direct Mail Affects Consumers 

Direct mail has a powerful effect on customers. Receiving physical mail is a positive experience for most people—especially after COVID-19. As online shopping has become more commonplace in the wake of the pandemic, more consumer goods than ever are delivered to a person’s home. Receiving packages on a regular basis has made “checking the mail” a lot more fun. Since consumers have a positive psychological association with mail, direct mail has become more well-received than it has in the past.  

Receiving mail of any kind is a nostalgic experience, too. In a world where most communication is digital, receiving a mail piece reminds us of the past. Rapid technological advancement has profoundly changed the lives of billions of people so tapping into nostalgic feelings of life before the Digital Age can have a positive and comforting effect on your customers.  

Lastly, it is important to note that direct mail evokes the senses in ways that digital communication cannot. Direct mail is real. You can touch it. You can smell it. A digital ad is just mere bits of copy and graphics that you see. Evoking all the senses has a powerful effect on people and can make a lasting impression on customers that leads to more meaningful relationships with your brand. 

Direct Mail Commands Attention from Customers 

Ad blockers and spam filters have become more sophisticated in recent years. Consumers have also developed cognitive tools for filtering out ads and corporate messaging from their consciousness. This all means that digital ads and e-mail marketing campaigns could be easily overlooked by your target audience. Then, of course, there is the problem of oversaturation. Brands have taken to prolific digital advertising and marketing because it is cheap and easy. All this clutter, however, has created unintended negative effects on generating sales and brand recognition. Fortunately, direct mail is a great tool for grabbing consumers’ attention in a more thoughtful and personal way. A well-designed direct mail campaign makes a lasting impression on customers—especially when campaigns are personalized and offer purchasing incentives.  

The printing pros at Pel Hughes can help you leverage direct mail benefits to your advantage. We offer custom graphic design, campaign automation, personalization, and so much more to businesses in various industries, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations. Give our friendly experts a call at (504) 486-8646 to learn more or request a quote.  

In a time of uncertainty and information overload, direct mail helps brands maintain a competitive edge in a tough business climate. Adding direct mail to your advertising repertoire fosters deeper connections with consumers, especially when direct mail is personalized. In fact, over 84% of consumers believe that being treated as an individual by a brand is just as important as the quality of their goods or services. Fortunately, direct mail helps consumers feel appreciated and acknowledged—emotions that go a long way in our modern business climate.  

3 Ways that Direct Mail Helps Businesses & Organizations 

#1 Develop an Offline Experience 

Although the digital world is prominent in the life of consumers, offline experiences with a brand still matter. Even if you don’t operate a brick and mortar establishment, your brand or organization can benefit from the in-the-flesh connection that direct mail delivers. Direct mail helps brands by providing a tactile, trustworthy form of contact with consumers. Modern technology like variable data printing, QR codes, and PURLs (personalized URLs) make it possible to seamlessly merge the print and digital worlds without sacrificing a personalized experience.  

#2 Boost Trust & Brand Recognition 

According to research from the USPS, direct mail is viewed as one of the most trustworthy forms of advertising. This notion is true across multiple generations and demographics, too. Even millennials and Gen Z enjoy receiving direct mail—especially mail pieces that offer purchasing incentives with discount codes and coupons. Direct mail is also an effective form of reaching out to students and donors in the education and non-profit sectors.  

When it comes to brand recognition, nothing compares to direct mail. Researchers have found that seeing and touching printed materials activates long term memory in a way that digital advertising cannot replicate. This research makes a compelling case for direct mail’s ability to tap into consumer consciousness.  

#3 Reach Out to Inactive Consumers 

Reaching out to inactive consumers is more cost-effective than soliciting new business. Direct mail helps re-engage with inactive consumers and clients in a thoughtful, productive manner. When a formerly active customer no longer visits your website, makes purchases, or clicks through e-mails, sending an incentivizing piece of direct mail is an effective way to re-establish contact.  

Pel Hughes is a full-service printing company that pairs the latest innovative technology with client-forward service. In addition to direct mail, we offer database services, graphic design, campaign automation, and cross media marketing. Call our experts at (504) 486-8646 to request a quote for your next project.  

For the month of August, the printing pros at Pel Hughes would like to focus on a specific topic: why direct mail is awesome and how it can help our clients in diverse industries. Our team sees the power of direct mail on a daily basis for an array of entities including for-profit businesses, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and political campaigns. For our first post, we’d like to discuss key direct mail trends to be aware of in 2023.  

2023 Direct Mail Trends to Watch 

It’s important to be mindful of direct mail trends and emerging technology to maintain a competitive edge in today’s shaky business climate. Following are trends to watch in 2023 and beyond.  

Data Analytics are More Widely Used 

The days of impersonal mass mailings are over. In 2023, more marketers rely on data analytics to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and segment their audiences for personalized brand messaging. New technology makes it possible to make important correlations between datasets to develop more powerful messaging for specific demographics. Fortunately, the pros at Pel Hughes stay on the cutting edge of technology and can help you make the most of data analytics with our database services, campaign automation software, and client portals for easy ordering.   

Personalization Continues to Reign Supreme 

Did you know that 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a brand that provides a personalized experience? It’s true. Personalization matters to modern consumers. Pel Hughes offers an array of tools to help your organization develop personalized direct mail campaigns including variable data printing, direct mail retargeting, personalized links, and so much more.  

Cross Media Marketing  

Cross media (omnichannel) marketing is the future of direct mail. Direct mail can drive in-person recipients to your digital channels with QR codes and personalized URLs. New technology like direct mail retargeting makes it possible to reach out to your digital consumers’ postal boxes with just a few mouse clicks. Establishing a digital connection with your client base is key for collecting helpful data in the future. Digital interactions such as social media engagement, a user’s activity on your website, and click-throughs in e-mail marketing campaigns provide useful data that can be used to strengthen future direct mail campaigns and improve your personalization efforts.  

USPS Promotions Incentivize Sensory-Forward Mailers & Advanced Technology 

In 2023, expect to see your competition use emerging technology with an emphasis on sensory-forward campaigns. The USPS is providing significant discounts to marketers who use technology such as direct mail retargeting, advanced printing techniques, and mailers that evoke a sensory-forward experience. In a word, direct mail will be far more sophisticated than it has been in years past; and that’s a good thing! Sophisticated direct mail tends to result in higher ROIs, brand recognition, and engagement.   

Pel Hughes is a one-stop solution for modern and effective direct mail campaigns. Give our helpful team a call at (504) 486-8646 to learn more about our services.  

Real estate is a competitive business. Using direct mail for real estate marketing is an effective method for inching past the competition. When executed correctly, direct mail can have a compelling effect on building a loyal base of clients and increasing sales. The printing pros at Pel Hughes offer expert assistance with direct mail campaigns from start to finish. The following are helpful insights on deploying direct mail for real estate marketing.  

Why Real Estate Agents/Brokers Should Use Direct Mail 

According to the USPS, direct mail is seen as one of the most trustworthy forms of advertising—even across younger generations like Millennials and Zoomers. Direct mail sees significantly higher sales conversions than paid search, social media ads, and e-mail marketing, too.  

Consider the following facts and statistics to gain a better understanding of the effectiveness of direct mail on younger folks: 

  • Over 40% of people in the US look forward to receiving mail 
  • About 65% of millennials pay close attention to direct mail pieces 
  • Millennials make up over 1/3 of the country’s homebuyers 
  • Zoomers and Millennials are more likely than Boomers to contact a business or make a purchase after receiving direct mail 

3 Direct Mail for Real Estate Marketing Secrets 

Engage in Cross Media Marketing with Direct Mail 

When it comes to real estate, it’s important to merge conventional advertising with digital. Fortunately, there are ways to drive traffic to your digital properties with personalized links (PURLs) and QR codes. Links and QR codes can be easily printed on direct mail so that you can seamlessly connect potential clients to your social media channels, sign up for e-mail newsletters, or view property listings on your website. Cross media marketing is a powerful approach that can help real estate agents and brokers reach more buyers and sellers. 

Use Reliable Mailing Lists & Target Specific Demographics 

Not all mailing lists are created equal and sending direct mail to every household in a neighborhood can be costly and non-productive. The pros at Pel Hughes strongly encourage real estate agents to send targeted campaigns from up-to-date mailing lists. You can segment your audience by demographic and tailor your messaging to their needs. You can also opt to only send direct mail to specific demographics such as household size or income level.  

Solicit the Help of Professionals for Your Design & Copy 

Poorly executed direct mail can wind up in someone’s trash bin (at best) or make you look unprofessional or incompetent (at worst). Producing effective direct mail is an art form and there are abundant options to consider. Working with professionals is the best way to ensure that your direct mail campaigns reflect your dedication and professionalism as a real estate agent or broker. We recommend working with knowledgeable printers, a graphic designer, and a proofreader to ensure that your copy is grammatically correct. Fortunately, Pel Hughes can do all the above and more.  

Pel Hughes is a full-service printing company that offers cross media marketing, graphic design, campaign automation, direct mail, and database services. Give our friendly experts a call at (504) 486-8646 to discuss your direct mail for real estate project.