Data Management from Pel Hughes: Key Benefits 

Did you know that Pel Hughes offers database services including data management? In today’s highly competitive business climate, one way to inch past your competition is to harness the power of technology—specifically data. Data management gives illuminating insights on all your marketing and advertising efforts along with assessing the strength of your customer experience. It can also help you develop brand messaging for future campaigns that is more likely to resonate with your ideal customer base.  

Is data management really necessary? 

Data management makes it possible to better understand consumer preferences and their behavior. Chances are, successful businesses in your industry are utilizing the power of data to fine tune their brand messaging, predict consumer behavior, and boost their bottom line. Customer communication such as feedback from surveys, email and telephone correspondence, and customer service tickets can be analyzed and sorted with software that manages collected data. This can help identify reoccurring issues with customers’ experiences, determine what types of messaging work with specific demographics, and so much more. Essentially, software used to manage data can improve efficiency across multiple departments and retain more customers.  

What are some benefits of data collection and management? 

Data management offers an array of advantages to businesses and organizations in a range of industries. Following are just a few reasons to consider managing your data. 

  • Enhance your customer experience: Analyzing data often results in identifying weak spots in your overall customer experience. This information can be used to implement new procedures that increase customer satisfaction and retention.  
  • Boost efficiency: Managing data with advanced software requires far less labor than manually entering data. It also reduced error rates associated with more labor-intensive data analysis.  
  • Software for managing data centralizes information: Having a central source of accurate and reliable information leads to better results when taking steps to improve customer relations, understanding consumer needs and preferences, and implementing changes that make your organization more productive and efficient. 

How can I benefit from database services? 

Database services from Pel Hughes can make a world of difference in your marketing and your operations. We offer a suite of database services to improve cross media marketing, direct mail campaigns, and much more. Popular database services we offer include: 

  • DataSNAP: A centralized form of data management that analyzes consumer preferences, behavior, and response rates. DataSNAP is fully automated and can help identify important demographic trends along with custom market analysis.  
  • Response Modeling: This service can help you determine what brand messaging generates consumer action and what doesn’t. Response modeling involves a sophisticated algorithm that helps you identify consumer demographics most likely to make purchases, renew memberships/subscriptions, and respond to promotional offers.  
  • Predictive & Custom Modeling: Predictive modeling involves working with our team of statisticians who can help you understand customer behavior on specific actions like renewals and response rates to e-mail and direct mail promotions. Custom modeling is a more advanced service that takes a deeper dive into data to find opportunities for upsells and cross-sells as well as identifying clusters of behavior that can make your marketing/advertising efforts more effective.  

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