Next-Level Data Services from Pel Hughes 

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Pel Hughes is well-known for creating superior direct mail campaigns and a host of other print projects for businesses and organizations throughout Louisiana and beyond. In addition to these offerings, our technology-embracing enterprise offers data services—a crucial component to developing effective print advertising campaigns.

Following is helpful information on how procuring and managing quality data can enhance your print advertising initiatives.

The Importance of Great Data Services on Direct Mail

A direct mail campaign’s success hinges on a few factors. A well-executed campaign with stellar design and copy can see less-than-ideal results if subpar mailing lists and data organization software is used. At Pel Hughes, our team merges old-fashioned client service and advanced technology to help our clients develop direct mail campaigns that reach a wide, relevant audience.

Not all mailing lists are created equal. For instance, utilizing the USPS’ databases can lead to sending quite a few mailings to inactive addresses. Out-of-date data could lead to numerous duplicate mailings being sent, too. While new business can benefit from programs like USPS Every Door Direct Mail, established enterprises will likely need more specific mailing lists that cater to targeted demographics like household income and certain age groups.

On top of quality issues with subpar mailing lists, managing data incorrectly could do more harm than good. Improper data management could lead to multiple mailings sent to an address or worse—misspellings and incorrect addressees, which looks unprofessional and could turn away great customers.

How Pel Hughes Can Help

The experts at Pel Hughes offer excellent data services, including accurate mailing lists compiled from national consumer databases and sophisticated software that updates/corrects mailing list data on a regular basis.

Our access to superior mailing lists starts with national consumer databases containing over 240 million addressees and 180 million households. To help your business generate viable sales leads, our technology can curate leads based on critical demographic information and lifestyle attributes that align with your ideal prospect. Let’s say you operate an upscale dental practice that caters to the needs of higher income patients desiring cosmetic treatments. The recipients of your direct mail should match the demographic data of your best patients. It would be a waste of money and effort to send bulk mailings to every neighborhood in a zip code. Instead, a better approach would be to use demographic data to your advantage by sending mailings to households in upscale neighborhoods and those with income levels that can afford elective oral healthcare.

Another way our data services can enhance the effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns is with advanced modeling and analytics. Our technology makes it possible to expertly profile sales leads, conduct predictive modeling, and perform micro-market analysis. For instance, statistics can be used to profile the exact demographic your business should serve and curate mailing lists based on these specifications. Then, there’s response modeling, which compares the data of whose who responded to mailings with those who didn’t. The demographic and behavioral data of those who did respond can be applied to statistical algorithms that help source new, quality leads. Harnessing this data helps our team build custom modeling programs that generate leads for new customers as well as developing sales initiatives to upsell to current consumers.

Pel Hughes serves businesses and organizations in a wide range of industries. If you have questions about our data services, give our friendly experts a call at (504) 486-8646 or fill out our convenient online contact form.