Beyond Print: Email Services from Pel Hughes 

email services

Our mission is to help our clients thrive. In addition to full-service print offerings, we provide cross media marketing support including email services. Merging print advertising with digital marketing is a powerful, modern approach to increasing brand recognition and boosting sales. Email marketing is inexpensive and involves minimal labor to execute because of automation. If you haven’t implemented digital marketing into your advertising initiatives, consider the following facts and benefits to utilizing Pel Hughes’ email services. 

Marketing Facts about Email Services

Email marketing might be a newer form of advertising but it has a earned a reputation for being a cost-conscious way to increase brand awareness and easily maintain a connection with your client base. While email marketing has some drawbacks, its benefits tend to shine when supported by conventional advertising methods like direct mail campaigns.

Following are some email marketing facts that might surprise you:

  • Email campaigns have pretty decent ROIs. Typically, every dollar spent on an email campaign yields about a $36 return on investment. 
  • Over half of the world’s population uses email. This fact is especially beneficial to businesses operating on an international level. 
  • Roughly 80% of marketing professionals agree that email campaigns have a positive effect on customer retention and sales.
  • Social media marketing is important but it doesn’t drive sales as much as email campaigns. For instance, 60% of consumers reported making a purchase after receiving emails while a little over 12% reported being influenced to purchase something based on social media posts. 
  • Email marketing can yield nearly immediate results. About 21% of email campaigns are opened within one hour of being sent to consumers. 
  • Automation helps keep email marketing costs low because it involves less labor. For example, our team can utilize automation to send “welcome” email campaigns within minutes of a potential customer opting in to email subscriptions. 
  • According to survey data, 61% of consumers enjoy receiving promotional emails from their favorite brands. 
  • Personalization makes email campaigns more effective. Automation makes personalizing email easier than many entrepreneurs might think.

How Email Campaigns Benefit Businesses

Email marketing campaigns can have a substantial impact on your business including enterprises beyond retail. Service-based businesses like cleaning companies and salons along with businesses operating in the dental, legal, and accounting industries can benefit from email marketing, too. Email marketing is a way to reach out to your client base with ease. For example, email campaigns can be sent to clients/customers on their birthdays or if it’s been a few months since their last purchase. These campaigns can also be used to promote deals on popular consumer goods or highlight new products or services. There’s no shortage of ways that email campaigns can be implemented to drive sales, make customers feel appreciated, and promote brand awareness. 

Our team at Pel Hughes can help you create a custom email marketing campaign that perfectly aligns with your brand’s message. Utilizing sophisticated technology, our marketing experts can maintain opt-in databases, personalize your messaging, and integrate your email campaigns with your social media presence. 

If you have questions about our email and database services, give our friendly team a call at (504) 486-8646