As part of our third post for “Direct Mail Appreciation Month”, we would like to discuss the nostalgic power direct mail has on consumers across various demographics. Unlike social media, paid search, and e-mail marketing, direct mail is tangible. Delivered right to a recipient’s mailbox, direct mail evokes the sense of touch—making it feel more […]

In a time of uncertainty and information overload, direct mail helps brands maintain a competitive edge in a tough business climate. Adding direct mail to your advertising repertoire fosters deeper connections with consumers, especially when direct mail is personalized. In fact, over 84% of consumers believe that being treated as an individual by a brand […]

For the month of August, the printing pros at Pel Hughes would like to focus on a specific topic: why direct mail is awesome and how it can help our clients in diverse industries. Our team sees the power of direct mail on a daily basis for an array of entities including for-profit businesses, educational […]