Direct mail retargeting is a powerful tool for fostering thoughtful and meaningful communication with your customers. When used throughout the customer journey, retargeting campaigns can build a loyal consumer base, increase engagement on your digital properties, and boost revenue.   Using sophisticated technology, direct mail retargeting sends physical mail pieces to consumers after they have […]

Contrary to popular misconceptions, print advertising certainly contributes to a robust client/customer base, brand awareness, and healthier revenue. The trick with print ads is to utilize strategic tactics suited to your industry and business goals. Following are four helpful tips for print ads.   Four Easy Tips for Print Ads  Tip #1: Integrate Print Ads […]

Saving money and time is the ultimate goal of any business. When it comes time to send your files off to your professional printing company, preparation is essential. By preparing for print, you can save time and money on your advertising campaigns and marketing materials. Pel Hughes has compiled a few tips to make this […]