A new year is almost upon us and for professional marketers, that means it’s time to develop editorial calendars for next year’s marketing projects as well as finalize the overall aesthetic of a brand’s messaging for the new year. Color, like anything else, follows trends based upon world events, popular culture, and a host of […]

With widespread access to the Internet and social media, today’s consumers have abundant purchasing options and a wealth of information at their fingertips. This can make selling your service or products more difficult as you likely face steep competition from your peers in business. Producing effective marketing and advertising campaigns is a necessity to stand […]

Direct mail is an incredibly versatile form of advertising. Businesses of all kinds, including medical and dental practices, boutiques, service-based businesses, and even non-profit organizations can utilize direct mail to reach a wider audience and boost their revenue. Direct mail and seminar sales are an especially powerful combination for striking relationships with consumers and increasing […]