Did you know that dental marketing with direct mail increases patient loyalty? It’s true. While digital marketing has its place and all dentists should have social media accounts and websites, there’s still a very real need for print advertising. Direct mail is a powerful tool for dentists that adds legitimacy to your business, improves patient […]

The landscape of higher education has changed. Today, higher education marketing is more important than ever.  In the past, prospective students would request a course catalogue and pamphlets to be delivered via mail. Many students of yesteryear selected colleges based on where their family members attended. In the digital age, however, more students are selecting […]

To some, print advertising and marketing might seem antiquated but industry experts respectfully disagree with that notion. A recent survey of top tier marketing professionals in the United States indicates that 74% of the industry’s experts favor direct mail campaigns to other forms of marketing, including email. This survey and report, The 2023 State of […]