8 Ways Print is Essential


#1 Pharmaceuticals – Medication labeling & packaging – Guidance for medication for medical staff and for patients -Legally mandated notices for proper treatment and side effects   #2 Healthcare – Support documents for hospitals – Key information for dental practices – CDC guidance for COVID-19 treatment – Inter-practice communication – Patient discharge paperwork for post-care […]

The Ultimate Marketing Battle: Online vs. Offline

The Ultimate Marking Battle: Online vs. Offline | Pel Hughes

Marketing can be a funny thing. It’s one of those industries that has been around for centuries, yet the trends current at the time drive its entire purpose. Yes, a similar thing can be said for most industries and professions (e.g., retail, press, sales, etc.). However, marketers must keep abreast not only of changes in […]

5 Product packaging mistakes to avoid

Product packaging mistakes to avoid - pel hughes print marketing new orleans la

Packaging says a lot about your product, and about your company. It’s often the opportunity to make a great first impression on your audience; unfortunately, poor product packaging can lead to instant negativity. Whether we’re talking about online advertisements, large highway billboards, or the packaging surrounding products, in today’s culture marketers only have a few […]