Changing consumer habits has entrepreneurs across the world rethinking how their messaging and sales reach their customer base. These trends will also impact how businesses advertise and market their products or offerings. According to the Harvard Business Review, these changing consumer habits could make conventional sales obsolete. As a specific example, when it comes to […]

Technology and data make it possible to personalize marketing. Tailoring your messaging to the consumer preferences of individuals can help boost revenue while developing a more loyal consumer base. Personalization in marketing is a great way to tailor both digital ads as well as print advertising. Consumers in the 21st century—across multiple demographics—respond favorably to […]

Working with a printing company and/or database agency can help you expand your consumer base and boost your ROI on your marketing efforts. When your business outsources its advertising and marketing, it’s critical to develop a good relationship with your printing provider and database agency for optimal results. If you’ve ever wondered how to get […]