This year, expect color and font trends in graphic design to command a wow factor. When it comes to print, embracing design trends can make your mailers and their accompanying digital pieces more effective and enticing to the consumer. For 2024, much is uncertain in the geopolitical and economic sense so expect to see art […]

The USPS is running several promotions for businesses, non-profit organizations, and higher education institutions for 2024. The printing experts at Pel Hughes have the scoop on what you need to know to enjoy significant savings from the USPS for this year’s direct mail campaigns. 2024 USPS Promotions You Need to Know About Reply Mail IMbA  […]

Are you thinking of transitioning to direct mail for your business, non-profit organization, or educational institution? According to Forbes, many other news sources, and consumer data, direct mail is in the midst of a revival that most businesses and organizations can capitalize on.   Direct mail is a wonderful tool for consumer, donor, and student […]