5 Quick Reasons You Should Offer a Monthly Newsletter - pel hughes print marketing new orleans la

Although a print newsletter is antiquated, sending out a newsletter via e-mail is a great way to touch base with your client/customer base. You can embed hyperlinks, video content, photos, and even repurpose blogs from your website into a newsletter. Newsletters can be used to drive promotional sales and donations to social causes, too. If […]

Benefits of Surveys in Your Marketing Campaigns - pel hughes print marketing new orleans la

There’s a reason Fortune 500 companies invest big bucks into market research. Understanding consumers’ needs, wants, and habits can help businesses increase their sales, develop new and innovative products, and improve existing offerings. The tried-and-true survey still exists for a reason: it provides reliable and useful data for enterprises in diverse industries. Here’s four good […]

How to Scale Your Marketing Plans - pel hughes print marketing new orleans la

There is no one size fits all approach to marketing. Companies of different sizes and various industries can have diverse needs. The preferences of their customers can vary substantially, too. Most small and medium size companies have to keep a close eye on costs; they also need their marketing initiatives to be effective. When getting […]