Inspirational ad campaigns can leave a lasting impression on the general public. This form of advertising is great for for-profit and non-profit organizations—especially when inspiration is executed with authenticity. Inspirational ad campaigns can generate powerful responses, brand loyalty, and increased sales. Many times, inspirational ads go viral because their content is share-worthy on social media […]

Did you know that the brain is far more likely to remember text on printed materials than from a digital source? According to the Scientific American, print is far more memorable than words on a screen. Additionally, print offers a sensory experience through touch, sight, and smell that the digital realm cannot replicate. These facts […]

For medical and dental practices to stay afloat, practitioners must accomplish two things: acquiring patients and retaining them. In addition to marketing with social media, websites, and e-mail newsletters, dentists and doctors need to reach out beyond the digital space. One often overlooked yet effective advertising method is direct mail. Direct mail for dental and […]