Common Email Marketing Mistakes

An email marketing campaign should be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. However, an email marketing campaign needs to be done right or you might as well have not bothered to do one at all.

The emails you send to your customers, and your potential customers, are the face of your business. In most cases, your emails are what your customers see the most because they will generally receive your emails more often then they will visit your facility or your website. Therefore, your emails must convey your message in a way that will grab your customers attention and keep them coming back for more.

There are several common mistakes that many email marketers make. Here are the most common email mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.

1. Not Using Attention Grabbing Subject Lines

The first thing your customer will see when they receive an email from you will be the subject line. If the subject line doesn’t grab their attention, your customer will likely not even bother to open it. A great way to deliver attention grabbing subject lines is to scour the emails you’ve received, then make a swipe file to record the subject lines that you found most effective. You can then use that swipe file to help create the subject lines for your future email campaigns.

2. Unorganized Email Content

Not only do you need to provide your customers with high quality, engaging content, but you also need to include a hyper-linked table of contents at the top of all your emails. People are busy and many of them don’t have time to read a lengthy email. A hyper-linked table of contents will help your customers navigate directly to the part of your content they want to read. This will help keep you from losing readers due to them not wanting to read the entire email just to get the one piece of information they need.

Additionally, you should always use sub-headings, numbered lists and bullet points to make your emails easier to read. And always make sure your emails are optimized so they can be easily read on mobile devices.

3. Not Including A Strong Call-To-Action

You spent all that time researching an engaging topic for your email, writing out an attention grabbing subject line and the content you thought your customers would enjoy. Then you spent more time formatting your email in a way that would be visually appealing. So why did you do all that? Because you want to keep a customer and hopefully make a sale – right? If you want to make a sale or achieve a specific customer response, you must include an effective call-to-action. If you don’t tell your customers exactly what it is you want them to do, they won’t do it.

Do you want your customer to:




Whatever action you want your customer to take, you have to tell them exactly what it is you want them to do – if you want them to do it.

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  1. David
    David says:

    Completely agree with these email marketing mistakes.

    I also feel that these are the most common mistakes which most of the email marketers make. Sending emails with boring subject is very much common mistake.

    I never open any email which don’t attract my eyes. I always ignore or delete such emails instantly.

    Email marketers should understand that nobody wants to waste their time in reading boring emails. If you really want to convert them then you must have to send emails with having eye catchy, attractive and promising subject line. Because It is the only line which readers read first.

    So taking care of it can improve your skills.

    I am glad that you have listed all the major email marketing mistakes here so that we can learn them and can avoid them. Thanks for sharing it with us. 😀

  2. Brenda Smith
    Brenda Smith says:

    Wonderful post about email marketing mistakes.

    I never knew that people make this much mistakes in email marketing.

    Email marketing is the most effective way to generate sales and to get new customers. But most people don’t do it the right way.

    Email marketing mistakes which you have mentioned above are very much common which people make specially sending email outreach with having boring subject line.

    If we can’t attract readers eyes then we should don’t expect any sales from it. Readers read subject line 1st and If it has the power to attract readers then It will get opened.

    Nobody open email with boring subject. They just mark that email and press the delete button. Same thing I always do.

    So Thanks for covering such a nice article so that people can learn from these mistakes. 😀

  3. Shivam Sahu
    Shivam Sahu says:

    We all know that Marketing is not a rocket science. But we must not shy away from using some of our Brain Cells.

    This is a very great post that covered all the good aspects of Marketing. A very good Marketing Tactic Must have the following ingredients:

    #1. Market only to Target Your Ideal Customer.

    #2. Marketing strategy must also cover how to keep in touch with the existing customer base and keeping your relations solid.

    I used these same tactics to consult my clients and wrote a few of them to tell their importance. I’m glad that I visited to this amazing article. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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