More businesses—of all sizes and in various industries—utilize marketing portals to streamline brand messaging across multiple departments. A marketing portal can help your enterprise save time, labor, and money. The printing pros at Pel Hughes offer Storefront—an advanced yet easy-to-use portal that can make ordering print materials, managing brand messaging, and tracking costs easy and […]

An off-putting or improperly designed menu could turn away loyal customers. Menu design can be tricky because there are a number of important considerations to make such as font style and size, the placement of images, and overall layout. Whether you are a brand-new café or an established restaurant, the following menu design tips may […]

Gaining and retaining new hires can be a challenge across a multitude of industries. New employee welcome packages that contain branded apparel, useable items, and corporate materials can make a world of difference for remote and in-house workers alike. Making a great impression can help your new hire enjoy a more seamless transition with your […]