3 Email Marketing Problems Direct Mail Solves - pel hughes print marketing new orleans la

Although most of the country has transitioned to a largely digital lifestyle, the “email vs. direct mail” battle continues to thrive in the marketing world. And many are surprised that although there was an upswing in email marketing over a decade ago, there is more than enough recent research to show that direct mail has […]

5 Tips on How to Effectively Market Your Nonprofit - pel hughes print marketing new orleans la

Unlike many businesses, nonprofits face some unique challenges when it comes to marketing. Although many assume that updating a webpage and sending out a newsletter is sufficient, getting the most out of your organization takes much more. Nonprofits need to develop strong relationships with donors, volunteers and even the media in order to pursue its […]

#1 Pharmaceuticals – Medication labeling & packaging – Guidance for medication for medical staff and for patients -Legally mandated notices for proper treatment and side effects   #2 Healthcare – Support documents for hospitals – Key information for dental practices – CDC guidance for COVID-19 treatment – Inter-practice communication – Patient discharge paperwork for post-care […]