How Can Your Business Benefit from Digital Printing and Copying?

Given the technological advances in digital printing, there are differences and distinct advantages that translate into a direct impact on your bottom line.

Is There a Difference Between Offset and Digital Printing?

With offset printing, the technology requires the use of metal plates in order to transfer (“offset”) an inked image onto a rubber blanket, The image is then rolled onto a sheet of paper. During the offset printing process, ink is never directly transferred onto paper.

The advantages of digital printing become evident with short runs. For example, If you need 100 or even 400 4/C brochures or sell sheets, offset printing is definitely not the way to go. With offset printing, there are costs that involve labor, setup and the technical steps required to make metal printing plates. With this type of short print run, the only cost-effective solution is digital printing.

Digital printing involves the transfer of a document from a personal computer, or other digital device to a variety of media through the use of a device that accepts graphic output and text. In order to facilitate its reproduction and storage of the data, the document information is digitized (reduced to binary code). It’s also very easy to make change, revise, and update files.

Additionally, digital printing gives you the flexibility and convenient option of on-demand printing along with a much shorter turnaround times. And, there’s never a need for traditional plates, metal plate mounting, or ink keys.

Digital copiers provide many advantage for business. For starters, since they contain fewer moving parts, there are fewer mechanical problems and breakdowns. Digital copiers are not only much quieter, they provide a combination of functions such as copiers, network printers, scanners and fax machines.

As far as the reproduction of photographs and fine lines, digital copiers win hands down.

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  1. Scott
    Scott says:

    I like that you point out that one of the benefits of digital printing is because it is easy to make changes, revise, and update the files. I can see why this would be really convenient if you have to add more material to what you had already gather. I’ll have to keep this in mind when I need to print a sign or other things.

  2. Shad Morris
    Shad Morris says:

    It’s interesting that digital copiers are actually good because they contain less moving parts. I know that I would want that because of how easy it would be to fix if something went wrong. Plus, you get better picture quality as well.

  3. Derek Dewitt
    Derek Dewitt says:

    I can see why a business might want to invest in a digital printer, especially if they need faster turnaround times. I like that you mention how there’s never a need for traditional plates, metal plate mounting, or ink keys. This sounds like a great way to save time and money on repairs and buying new parts. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kenneth Gladman
    Kenneth Gladman says:

    I like that you mentioned the flexibility that is offered when you choose digital printing. I think everyone is looking for more effective options when it comes to printing. Anything to speed up the process could be really useful.

  5. Chris Schelin
    Chris Schelin says:

    Great breakdown on the difference between digital and offset printing. They both have their place, just depends on your need. Long runs, offset is the only way to go. Short runs and the cost for digital can’t be beat (although you can’t beat the sound of a offset printer running smoothly 😉 ).

  6. Dave Anderson
    Dave Anderson says:

    It is so true that digital copiers in businesses can be a good asset. That is something that I would love to have in our office so we could copy something that everyone should probably have. Maybe I should talk to my boss about getting a copier for the office.

  7. pio printers
    pio printers says:

    How can your business benefit from digital printing and copying is really a great article because I’m looking for that type of article. Keep it up and always share that type of article.

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