Connect with Your Customers

When interacting with clients online, over the phone, or in person it is important to ensure they feel connected to the business and its procedures. A customer feels connected when they are given personalized care and treated like a person instead of a number. Word of mouth drives business and when a client feels attached to company they are more likely to recommend your work to their friends and family which allows your business to grow and expand. It also helps to create repeat customers, if they enjoyed their first experience then they will most likely return for a second and third time. For most people even if they had difficulty with the product they will return if the service was excellent because they remembered how you made them feel and how you solved the issue for them.

Here are a few tips on how to ensure your client feels appreciated:

  • Answer questions and comments in a timely fashion and in the manner the client asks for. If they ask for an email, phone call, or letter respond in the manner of their choosing. If they do not specify respond in the same way they sent
  • Repeat what you believe the clients wishes are before making recommendations or closing transactions. This allows you to gain agreement with them as to what they would like or to correct any misunderstandings. Even better this shows your active listening skills and proves you are paying attention to them.
  • Allow your client the time to make a decision. If your office is busy at the time be sure to acknowledge them and as they peruse help others and frequently check back in with them to answer any questions they might have. Let them know your product or service is worth thinking about and ultimately will be the best decision.

Last, but not least, treat every client the way you would like to be treated. It is the golden rule for a reason, everyone appreciates a friendly, “hello” and “goodbye” and to know you see them as a person and not a dollar sign. It may be time for you to ask yourself how you would like to be treated if you walked into your shop.