How Social Media can Generate Sales Leads


Social media is quickly becoming one of the fastest lead builders available to marketers. By using specific programs designed to weed out unlikely candidates, marketers can locate potential customers and create a list of possible clients without wasting their time on generalized lists that will gain them 10 out of a hundred possibilities at best.

Facebook’s new Graph Search is a perfect example of how social media can categorize people according to their interests, hobbies and careers. The program follows peoples’ search patterns and collects information that allows marketers to target those individuals with things they may be interested in. A person is much morel likely to click on a banner or ad if it pertains to something they have a direct interest in.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are designed to bring people together. Marketers who are savvy in following social media and the trends associated with them can generate a list of targeted leads that allow them to focus only on individuals who have an interest in their products. This eliminates wasted time and ensures that only the ones who may want the product are reached.

Another way to generate leads using social media is to create an account for the business. Business pages can be liked and shared repeatedly reaching thousands of individuals at once. Satisfied customers can share the page and give testimonials to anyone who asks questions. While this may seem a little backwards, one of the best ways to reach several people is to let one satisfied customers shout your praises. Social media is an exceptional outlet for that type of advertising.

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