Small Business Tips: 7 Guidelines for Better Sales 

Are you on the hunt for small business tips that work? Operating a small business is tough. Business owners wear lots of hats and have far less resources and personnel than larger corporations. When it comes to implementing new ideas or improving an existing marketing strategy, it’s vital that small business owners seek out evidence-backed and reputable information.  

Our team at Pel Hughes is no stranger to collaborating with small businesses for their cross media marketing and direct mail campaigns. Following are 7 helpful small business tips to help get you started in a more effective direction.  

7 Small Business Tips for Better Sales & Brand Messaging 

#1 Understand Your Audience 

Think about your ideal customer. What qualities does that customer have? Understanding who your target audience is, what their life is like, and what their needs are will take your brand messaging a long way. Your business needs to identify your ideal consumer and develop a solid strategy for how your brand can make them feel seen and heard.  

#2 Focus on Building Relationships with Consumers 

Sure, a one-time sale is good but what’s better is repeat business. Building relationships with your clientele helps accomplish a lasting relationship of mutual benefit and patronage. Placing too much pressure on consumers for a one-off sale can lead to buyer’s remorse later and may even keep a person from patronizing your business in the future.  

Instead, focus on an approach that earns a consumer’s trust and makes them feel like you genuinely understand their needs. A positive, lower-pressure experience with your brand is memorable with consumers and typically leads to repeat business and recommendations to their friends and family.  

#3 Convey Authenticity 

Authenticity goes a long way with improving sales. Conveying a genuine passion for your product(s) or service(s) to consumers is a great way to make them feel at ease with your business. Authenticity is key for creating a positive and memorable consumer experience.  

#4 Develop an Elevator Pitch  

An elevator pitch involves putting your best foot forward for about 30 seconds (about the length of an average elevator ride). When used for sales, an elevator pitch serves as a great introduction to your product/services as well as what makes your enterprise special and different from similar businesses. An important component of an effective elevator pitch is to rehearse it so that it flows naturally during interactions with customers.  

#5 Learn About the Sales Cycle 

The sales cycle comprises seven stages. It’s critical to understand where each individual interaction between a consumer and your brand falls within this cycle. Understanding the sales cycle will make it easier to make meaningful contact with consumers that facilitates a successful journey with your products or services. You can learn more about the seven stages of the sales cycle by clicking here.  

#6 Take Moments to Teach Your Audience 

Teachable moments can go a long way with your customers. Whether that is helping them select the correct product for their needs in a brick-and-mortar store or publishing a blog with tips to extend the life of a product you offer, teachable moments tend to make for lasting relationships. Taking time to give your customers helpful information builds trust and creates a positive experience with your brand, both of which help boost sales.  

#7 Leverage Technology to Your Advantage 

Technology can help a business of any size—but it is particularly useful to small business owners who are stretched for personnel, resources, and time. CRM (customer relationship management) platforms, database services, and other technology that automates digital and print campaigns can ease the burden small business owners face when trying to market their products/services.  

Pel Hughes works with small businesses throughout the United States. We offer an array of services to help you produce efficient and effective print and digital campaigns, manage databases, and automate campaigns. Visit our blog to learn more small business tips or request a quote.