Inspirational ad campaigns can leave a lasting impression on the general public. This form of advertising is great for for-profit and non-profit organizations—especially when inspiration is executed with authenticity. Inspirational ad campaigns can generate powerful responses, brand loyalty, and increased sales. Many times, inspirational ads go viral because their content is share-worthy on social media or discussion-worthy over the water cooler in workplaces. Following are five inspirational ad campaigns that the experts at Pel Hughes love.

5 Positive & Inspirational Ad Campaigns

#1 Stabilo Boss 

In 2018, Stabilo Boss launched the “Highlight the Remarkable” ad campaign. These ads literally highlighted women in history who made noteworthy contributions to society that were overlooked in their time. In the example below, Stabilo Boss highlighted Katherine Johnson in a group photo at Nasa. The ad featured copy discussing her contributions as a mathematician for NASA’s Apollo 11 mission. Katherine Johnson’s calculations were instrumental in the safe return of astronauts to Earth. This ad campaign won numerous awards and went viral on social media.

Image Source: Ad Week

#2 Always 

The Always “#likeagirl” campaign turned a common, gendered insult on its head. These series of ads showcased women and girls playing a variety of sports. This campaign juxtaposed common insults such as “run like a girl” or “throw like a girl” with footage of young athletes performing their respective sports very well. Utilizing a hashtag in the #likeagirl campaign was a brilliant way to increase the virality of the advertisements while inviting social media users to share their own experiences with gendered insults and sports performance.

Image Source: Always

#3 The Movember Foundation 

The Movember Foundation is a non-profit organization that raises awareness for men’s health concerns, particularly mental health, testicular cancer, and prostate cancer. On World Suicide Prevention Day, the Movember Foundation launched a PSA on YouTube called “Unmute & Ask Him”. This short video featured a man speaking about his mental health struggles while the subtitles displayed grilling tips. This jarring disconnect between perception and reality highlighted the fact that societal pressure and gender norms led to men stifling their feelings. This PSA was a call for people to check on the men in their lives and encourage them to speak candidly about their wellbeing.

You can view the “Unmute & Ask Him” campaign on YouTube.

#4 P&G 

P&G (formerly known as Procter & Gamble) is one of the largest companies in the world with dozens of household brands such as Crest Toothpaste, Dawn, Always, Bounty Paper Towels, and Pantene. As a worldwide manufacturer of popular consumer goods, P&G sought to highlight the sacrifices of mothers across the world by showcasing how their nurturing and support helped Olympic athletes achieve their goals. The “Thank You, Mom” series of ads showcased video footage of mothers who raised champions. Launched in 2010, the “Thank you, Mom” ad series was the most successful campaign in P&G’s 175-year existence. It resulted in a $500 million increase in global sales and earned over 74, 000,000 views.

Image Source: Business Wire

#5 Dove 

In an effort to promote body positivity and inclusion, Dove launched the “Real Beauty” series of advertisements. Featured in photographs and videos, the “Real Beauty” campaigns showcased ethnically-diverse models as well as models with a variety of body types and sizes. These ads also featured women of different ages. This shift toward promoting diversity and inclusion was ahead of its time when Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign launched in 2004.

Image Source: Live Oak Communications

Positivity, gratitude, and inspiration can go a long way with consumers. Incorporating stories of triumph and inclusion can be a winning formula in your next advertising campaign. If you need help with your cross media marketing, direct mail, or graphic design, give the friendly pros at Pel Hughes a call at (504) 486-8646 to request a quote. We offer a wealth of resources to businesses and non-profits alike, including campaign automation, database services, and full-service printing.

Smarter direct mail campaigns should be a part of every enterprise’s cross media marketing strategy. While conventional direct mail offers a high ROI, its effects are further enhanced when direct mail implements tracking metrics like QR codes and PURLs along with digital outreach in the form of e-mail marketing. As regulations change the way data is gathered and analyzed to accommodate consumer privacy concerns, many businesses are turning to conventional marketing methods to ensure that their brand messaging reaches their target demographic. Merging digital outreach with direct mail can help increase sales, strengthen brand recognition, and maintain loyal consumership with your customers.

How to Integrate Direct Mail with Cross Media Marketing

Direct mail is a tactile, three-dimensional form of advertising that connects a consumer to your brand in a visceral way. Conventional direct mail alone, however, doesn’t yield as good of results as mail pieces that integrate modern technology. One of the best ways to merge digital with print is to make following your digital channels part of your mail piece’s CTA.

Requesting that mail recipients follow your business’ social media accounts or subscribe via e-mail for special offers and promotions is a great way to connect your customer to your business in-person and online.

Another great strategy for improving your direct mail’s ROI is to place QR codes and PURLs into your copy. A QR code is a scannable icon that can take your recipient straight to a landing page of your choosing, such as an e-mail subscription form, an exclusive coupon or discount, or to view a short video. Additionally, PURLs—which involve generating personalized URLs for each mail recipient—can direct users to personalized shopping carts based on previous purchases, special offers like BOGO deals, or to complete a customer satisfaction survey. Since QR codes and PURLs are customized to each recipient, these tools provide reliable metrics for analyzing the effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns.

Benefits of Smarter Direct Mail

Smarter direct mail can make a big impact—especially when it is used as part of a comprehensive cross media marketing strategy. Pairing smart direct mail with digital marketing gives businesses a competitive advantage. One aspect of direct mail marketing that is especially powerful is the fact that this mode of communication occurs in real-life. Your mail piece is a physical representation of your brand that extends far beyond the web. When you integrate direct mail with digital marketing, you can cultivate stronger brand recognition among consumers, which helps set your business apart from others. The increased visibility afforded by robust cross media marketing helps foster long-term and loyal relationships with your customers.

The ROI on direct mail is higher than digital advertising but when direct mail is sent shortly after digital outreach, its ROI increases even more. According to research conducted by AI Technology Insights, businesses saw a 60% increase in ROI when digital interactions were followed up with personalized direct mail campaigns. An example of following up with direct mail after digital interaction involves sending personalized discounts in the mail after a consumer makes a purchase online. This tactic promotes brand loyalty and higher engagement. Gallup found that syncing direct mail with digital interactions increases consumer loyalty by 25%.

If you’re interested in developing a winning cross media marketing campaign that includes smarter direct mail, give the experts at Pel Hughes a call. We pair cutting-edge technology and advanced printing techniques with client-driven service. We offer database services, campaign automation, smarter direct mail, and graphic design. Call us at (504) 486-8646 or request a quote online.