Dental Marketing with Direct Mail: Increase Patient Loyalty 

Did you know that dental marketing with direct mail increases patient loyalty? It’s true. While digital marketing has its place and all dentists should have social media accounts and websites, there’s still a very real need for print advertising. Direct mail is a powerful tool for dentists that adds legitimacy to your business, improves patient acquisition and retention, and helps educate patients on important oral health matters.  

Benefits of Dental Marketing with Direct Mail 

Dental marketing with direct mail offers unique advantages when compared to other forms of marketing and advertising. The following are just a few notable benefits to implementing direct mail into your practice’s marketing strategy.  

Incentivize Patients with Discounts or Special Offers 

It can be difficult to ensure that your patient base is maintaining their regular appointments for checkups and cleanings. One way to help keep your appointments as full as possible for preventive care is to incentivize patients with discounts or special offers. With campaign automation, you can easily send direct mail to patients that have missed or cancelled a cleaning or checkup. Adding special offers such as discounted teeth whitening treatments is a great way to incentivize patients to book their appointment. 

Improve Patient Education with Value Added Information  

Direct mail can do more than just serve as an introduction to potential new patients or remind existing ones about upcoming appointments. The copy on your direct mail can help educate your patients with helpful information. For example, a direct mail campaign can highlight the prevalence and symptoms of oral cancer. It can also offer explanations and benefits of common treatments like root canal therapy. Educating your patients with helpful information empowers them to seek out your services when they notice new symptoms while also demonstrating your genuine concern for their wellbeing—both of which help build a loyal patient base for years to come.  

Target Specific Neighborhoods and New Residents 

With tools like Every Door Direct Mail and consumer databases, you can target specific neighborhoods and demographics with your mail pieces. This means your dental practice can send mailers to the neighborhoods nearest your office. You can also target your mail to specific demographics like household income or age groups. Demographic targeting is especially beneficial to dentists who provide specific services like cosmetic dentistry or work with particular age groups such as children or senior citizens.  

Build Trust with Patient Testimonials 

Reviews and testimonials are powerful. You likely have reviews posted on your website, social media accounts, and on other sites like Google. Highlighting a few of these positive patient testimonials on your direct mail campaigns can do wonders for building trust with existing patients and attracting newcomers to your practice.  

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