Direct Mail for Dental and Medical Practices 

For medical and dental practices to stay afloat, practitioners must accomplish two things: acquiring patients and retaining them. In addition to marketing with social media, websites, and e-mail newsletters, dentists and doctors need to reach out beyond the digital space. One often overlooked yet effective advertising method is direct mail. Direct mail for dental and medical practices can ease the burden of acquiring new patients while also keeping communication lines open with a practitioner’s existing patient base.

Benefits of Dental and Medical Direct Mail Campaigns

When executed properly, a direct mail campaign yields better ROIs than digital marketing alone. There are a few reasons for this. First, direct mail is seen as a trustworthy form of advertising across many demographics, including younger generations. Secondly, direct mail elicits a stronger response rate because it provides a tangible, sensory experience that digital marketing cannot. Lastly, because modern technology makes it possible to manage swaths of consumer data and automate campaigns, direct mail is an efficient, cost-effective way to reach patients in your area.

How to Use Direct Mail for Medical and Dental Practices

Direct mail is especially powerful when it is targeted and personalized. For example, targeting new movers to specific zip codes is a great way to attract new patients. You can take personalization a step further by having a customized map indicating the new patient’s path to your conveniently-located office. Other ways you can personalize a patient’s direct mail experience is to send targeted direct mail on his or her birthday. Technology makes automating this a breeze, too. When sending a birthday card via direct mail, you can incentivize a patient booking an appointment by offering a discount on elective services like teeth whitening or Botox injections. Targeted and personalized mail helps your existing and potential patients feel valued, which goes a long way for creating long-term, loyal relationships.

The content of your direct mail is important. For simple postcards, we recommend sending reminders for annual checkups or to announce new services your practice offers. Some dentists and doctors send print newsletters, too—typically on an annual basis. Newsletters are great for highlighting new staff members, acquisition of diagnostic technology or therapeutic tools, and any community or cause-based service your practice provides. A newsletter is also a great opportunity to provide patient education. In short, print newsletters are great tools for humanizing your practice and keeping your patients informed.

Beyond personalized and targeted direct mail, our experts at Pel Hughes recommend merging digital marketing with print. For instance, placing PURLs and QR codes on direct mail can drive existing and potential patients to your website and social channels. PURLs and QR codes will also make it easier to gauge the effectiveness of your print advertising campaigns.

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