5 Reasons Direct Mail is Worth Sending 

Direct Mail

Businesses of all sizes have to operate under strict budgets and many times, it can be difficult to discern where to allocate your marketing funds. While some might wince at print advertising because we live in a world dominated by digital marketing, there are compelling reasons to invest in direct mail 

Following are five reasons you should consider developing a great direct mail campaign with Pel Hughes 

#1 People Enjoy Checking the Mail 

Most people actually enjoy a trip to the mailbox—particularly now more than ever because folks rely on the mail to receive consumer goods in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the USPS, even young people enjoy opening mail. A survey found that 88% of millennials (who command over $600 billion in purchasing power) respond favorably to advertising via mail.  

#2 People are Overloaded with Digital Advertising 

People are inundated with digital advertising every day. From their e-mail inboxes to ads on search engines and social media, a daily stream of digital advertising is wearing down consumers of all ages. Fortunately, people don’t have the same reaction to direct mail. These ad campaigns are seen as trustworthy by all demographics. Utilizing great promotional offers like buy-one-get-one-free deals or discount codes can help your campaign have a warm reception from your recipients.  

#3 Direct Mail Boosts Brand Recognition 

Circulating branded materials to your community helps consumers develop brand recognition with your products and services. When your mail is designed with well-placed graphics and great copy along with your logo, you can help raise awareness for your products and services. Brand recognition is a key component to outperforming your competition.  

#4 Direct Mail Receives Higher Response Rates than Digital  

Did you know that the ROI on direct mail is higher than digital advertising? It’s true. According to the Small Business Administration, homeowners make five times more purchases with mail than they do with digital advertising.  

Moreover, mail advertising is more likely to be opened and considered when compared to sponsored posts, digital ads, and e-mail marketing. In fact, more people are utilizing ad blockers and spam blockers than ever before.  

#5 Direct Mail Can Boost Digital Marketing Efforts 

Direct mail doesn’t have to compete with digital marketing. Many businesses use omnichannel marketing where direct mail actually drives consumers to your digital presence. You can use mailings to incentivize people to follow you on social media and visit your website by offering deals and discounts that are exclusively used online.  

How Pel Hughes Can Help 

Our team of printing pros and graphic designers can help you develop effective direct mail campaigns tailor made to your brand’s message. We help businesses, non-profits, and community organizations deploy direct mail that resonates with consumers.  

Pel Hughes is a family-owned enterprise that offers the latest in campaign automation and managementprinting technology, and in-house fulfillment with a focus on delivering world-class client service.  

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