Sustainable Print Marketing and Advertising 

Print marketing and advertising can be more sustainable than many people think. Pel Hughes offers an array of resources to help you develop sustainable print marketing and advertising campaigns. From our digital interface, Storefront, which allows for seamless ordering to our cross media marketing services and consumer databases, you can ensure that your enterprise operates as eco-friendly as possible.  

While digital marketing and advertising is a necessity in today’s tough business climate, it’s not as eco-friendly as it may seem. Take for example, the precious resources necessary to create devices like smartphones, computers, and tablets. The batteries of these devices alone require the mining of finite minerals. Another great example of how digital isn’t always more environmentally conscious than print is with currencies. In recent years, we’ve learned that mining digital currency like Bitcoin can cause serious drains on the power grid, require gargantuan amounts of server space, and contribute quite a lot to non-biodegradable waste. The same is true when comparing print marketing and advertising to digital.  

If you’re looking for more sustainable print marketing and advertising solutions, consider the following.  

Sustainable Print Marketing Solutions from Pel Hughes 

Focus on Quality over Quantity 

In the not-so-distant past, it was a common practice to send large volumes of direct mail to every address in a zip code. Today, however, technology makes it possible to curate great mailing lists, maintain large up-to-date databases, and rely on more accurate consumer data. Pel Hughes utilizes software that makes focusing on quality rather than quantity much easier. From consumer databases that make targeting your ideal consumer a breeze to database services that manage your mailing lists so that your mailers aren’t sent to duplicate or inactive addresses, Pel Hughes can help you cut down on waste for more sustainable and cost-effective marketing campaigns.  

Leverage Personalization for a Reduced Carbon Footprint 

Personalization is key component to grabbing a modern consumer’s attention. Not only is personalization effective, but it is also popular. Consumers are more likely to become repeat customers to your brand or service when they receive personalized marketing messages. In fact, about 71% of consumers expect personalized messaging.  

It’s a given that personalization is essential to increasing sales, attracting new customers, and retaining existing clientele but what might surprise you is that personalization can make your print and digital marketing efforts more sustainable. Personalized campaigns across both print and digital channels can reduce the volume of printed materials your company uses. By making each campaign more effective, you can reduce the amount of campaigns you do send, which can lower your business’ carbon footprint. 

The pros at Pel Hughes can help you deploy personalized marketing campaigns with e-mail marketing software, variable data printing, QR codes, and PURLs.   

Use Pel Hughes’ Storefront 

Our full-service printing company offers Storefront—an advanced digital library that makes online ordering a breeze. Your business’ digital library can house all your brand-approved messaging including direct mail campaigns, signage, and corporate materials. Rather than printing and storing large volumes of printed materials (that may or may not be used in the future) you can order exactly what you need when you need it. This sustainable tool helps cut down on physical waste while also making your enterprise more efficient and budget conscious.  

Our printing experts are here to help your business transition to more sustainable print marketing and advertising. We offer cross media marketing, online ordering through Storefront, graphic design, campaign automation, database services, and much more. To learn more or request a quote, call Pel Hughes at (504) 486-8646.