The Case for Personalization in Marketing 

Technology and data make it possible to personalize marketing. Tailoring your messaging to the consumer preferences of individuals can help boost revenue while developing a more loyal consumer base. Personalization in marketing is a great way to tailor both digital ads as well as print advertising. Consumers in the 21st century—across multiple demographics—respond favorably to personalization. Statistics support this notion, too. The following facts make a compelling case for personalization.  

What is personalized marketing? 

Personalized marketing involves making a brand’s messaging specific to an individual consumer’s needs and wants. This approach appeals to a unique value a product or service can provide a customer to meet their needs. Effective personalization occurs when a brand aggregates data and consumer habits that accurately reflects the tastes and desires of a specific individual. For personalized marketing to work, brands must draw on quality data. Without data, personalization simply is not possible.  

Personalization in Marketing: The Future of Brand Messaging 

In the Spring of 2021, the International Data Corporation (IDC) published a white paper on how consumers respond to personalized marketing as well as personalization’s place in the future of marketing. This report is a worthwhile read for businesses looking to freshen up their advertising initiatives and to gain a leg up on their competition.  

Some highlights and takeaways from the IDC’s white paper: 

  • Personalization in marketing is an input/output (I/O) process. Messaging from brands should take care to not overstep their bounds. Overly personalized and downright intrusive brand messaging based on data could drive consumers away. This is why it is important to be transparent about your data collection and storage practices. Consumers should feel like participants whose information is protected. With personalization comes a big responsibility for brands. If your business is embarking on personalized messaging for the first time, we highly recommend that you work with seasoned professionals.  
  • Data collection and analysis is a great opportunity for consumer-based businesses to tap into the needs of their consumers. When brand messaging aligns with a consumer’s actual wants, buyers will see more value in your products and services, which eliminates the likelihood of buyer’s remorse and helps establish a long-term relationship with customers.  
  • In today’s fiercely competitive business climate, well-executed personalized marketing can help brands thrive.  

Personalized Marketing Facts You Should Know About 

  • 98% of professional marketers promote the use of personalization because they believe it forges consumer loyalty.  
  • Smart engines analyze consumer intent. Identifying the level of intent behind consumer interactions with a brand can increase profits by 15%.  
  • About 87% of consumers believe that personalized messaging makes a positive impact on their perception of a product, service, or brand.  
  • Roughly 92% of digital shoppers will finalize a purchase in response to personalized recommendations on a website.  
  • According to Startup Bonsai, 80% of consumers are more likely to make purchases when a brand creates a personalized experience.  
  • About 70% of consumers believe a business understanding their needs has a direct effect on their loyalty to a brand.  

Executing personalized marketing involves collecting and analyzing data along with automation. Pel Hughes offers data services, which utilizes advanced algorithms and analytical software to help you create brand messages that resonate with the individual. We also provide campaign automation, which helps reach out to customers who showed intent to purchase (such as placing items in a digital shopping cart) or with those who haven’t made a purchase in some time. Our team of direct marketing experts can help you embrace the power of personalized messaging through cross media marketing, direct mail retargeting, and more. Give us a call at (504) 486-8646 or request a quote online to get started.