Easy Tips for Developing Effective Custom Packaging 


Packaging sets the tone for your brand. Advancements in printing technology have made developing unique and eye-catching custom packaging more cost-effective than ever before. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping has become a workhorse driving consumer activity. More people are turning to online shopping and delivery than in years past and this will likely continue to be a driving force behind sales. Brands contending with a post-pandemic world should tap into the power of effective packaging to create a memorable consumer experience beyond their brick-and-mortar operations.  

If you’re looking to establish or re-vamp your packaging game, look no further than the experts at Pel Hughes. We serve businesses in nearly every industry from coast to coast. Utilizing advanced technology and state-of-the-art printing techniques, we can help you deploy custom packaging that will make a lasting impression on your customers.  

Here’s four easy tips to consider in your packaging design. 

#1 Understand the Psychological Effects of Color 

Color has an effect on our mood and our behavior. When it comes to choosing color for your packaging, it’s important to stay on message with your brand’s aesthetic and the ambient effect you’re trying to create. For instance, let’s say you sell a luxury beauty product. You probably wouldn’t want to choose red as its typically paired with intense emotions like passion or hunger. Instead, you might want to choose something white with gold foil embellishments or perhaps blue since that color conveys tranquility and calm.  

Here’s a simple breakdown of emotions and themes associated with popular colors: 

  • Blue: peace, tranquility, and relaxation 
  • Green: nature, financial comfort, prosperity, and environmentally-conscious 
  • Red: courage, passion, hunger, and anger 
  • Yellow: joy, optimism, and youth 
  • Black: anti-authority, rebellious, and mysterious 
  • White: minimalism, purity, and cleanliness 
  • Purple: regal and prestigious 

Your color selection for your custom packaging should be carefully considered. When in doubt, consider consulting with one of Pel Hughes’ skilled graphic designers for their insight.  

#2 Know How Your Brand is Perceived 

Do you know how consumers perceive your brand? Are you seen as the most affordable? Perhaps you are seen as a socially-conscious alternative to a popular product. Understanding how your brand is received by the public can help you craft packaging that will speak to your consumer.  

If your product has a luxury price point, your packaging should reflect its cost. Flimsy, unoriginal, and unprofessional packaging could hurt your brand’s image. Similarly, if your product is marketed as eco-friendly, it’s important that your packaging is considered environmentally conscious.  

#3 Consider Functional Custom Packaging 

Sometimes, the best packaging is functional. Whether that’s housing artisan soaps in a water-repelling case to protect your product or storing your product in a reusable tote, functional packaging can help you establish positive associations with your brand and boost customer loyalty. If functionable packaging is used out in public, say, like a reusable grocery bag, you get the added bonus of free advertising.  

#4 Use Embellishments like Foil and Raised Varnishes Very Strategically 

Printing techniques like raised varnishes and foils can make your package stand out. These careful details can demonstrate that you care about your customers’ experiences. Going overboard, however, could have the opposite effect. When using embellishments like metallic foils and raised varnishes, be sure to place them strategically and sparingly for maximum effectiveness.  

Packaging is an important part of your customers’ experience. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, Pel Hughes can help. We offer state-of-the-art technology and a team of experts to help you make the most out of your print materials. Give us a call at (504) 486-8646 or fill out our contact form to request a quote.