Benefits of QR Codes in Cross Media Marketing 

Using QR codes in cross media marketing is a win-win for both businesses/organizations and consumers. This technology makes your print marketing campaigns more effective, trackable, and engaging. Following are five benefits to implementing QR codes in cross media marketing strategies.  

Five Benefits to Using QR Codes in Cross Media Marketing 

Below are five helpful ways to use QR codes in cross media marketing.

#1 QR Codes Bridge the Gap Between Print and Digital 

Placing a QR code in circulars, catalogues, print ads, and direct mail bridges the gaps between the physical world and the digital one. QR codes can route consumers to everything from personalized video and landing pages to social media accounts. This technology makes it possible for consumers to interact with your brand or organization online with little effort.  

#2 QR Codes Provide Analytics and Data from Print Campaigns 

Print advertisements and direct mail don’t provide the analytics and tracking that digital media can. Fortunately, embedding QR codes into print makes collecting helpful data much easier for businesses and organizations. Data from QR codes can tell you how effective a specific campaign was or which demographics responded favorably to your ad.  

#3 QR Codes Enhance the Consumer Experience 

When it comes to print, space is precious. Today’s modern consumer wants information. They want to know about a company or organization’s impact and values. This information can be difficult to cram onto a direct mail piece or one-page ad. A QR code is a wonderful way to invite consumers to learn more about what makes your enterprise or non-profit exceptional.  

#4 QR Codes Make for Great Calls to Action 

Sometimes, the hardest part of creating a great ad is writing a compelling call-to-action (CTA). A lackluster CTA typically yields low consumer engagement. Incentivizing consumers with enticing promotional offers by scanning QR codes is a surefire method for boosting engagement with your brand.  

#5 QR Codes are Cost-Saving 

A QR code can be easily edited or adjusted for seasonal promotions, announcing new services or products, or informing consumers about events like grand openings or fundraisers. This makes it possible to recycle existing print campaigns with up-to-date information in a cost-effective way. Additionally, QR codes save money by allowing your print campaigns to be as concise as possible.  

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