4 Tips for Print Ads 

Contrary to popular misconceptions, print advertising certainly contributes to a robust client/customer base, brand awareness, and healthier revenue. The trick with print ads is to utilize strategic tactics suited to your industry and business goals. Following are four helpful tips for print ads.  

Four Easy Tips for Print Ads 

Tip #1: Integrate Print Ads with Digital 

In today’s business climate, a brand’s survival hinges on maintaining a presence in both the digital world and the physical one. Print ads should make interacting with your brand or business online very simple. One great way to drive traffic to your social media pages and websites is to embed QR codes on all print ads, including direct mail campaigns. You can incentivize QR code scans by including enticing promotions and discounts, too.  

Shortened links and simplified social media handles, which are listed on print ads will also help drive recipients to your website and social media accounts.  

Tip #2: Place Strategic Ads in Trade Magazines, Local Papers, and Scientific Journals 

For many businesses, it doesn’t make much sense to run print ads in widely circulated national magazines or journals. One of the best tips for print ads, however, is to target a niche audience. For example, a specialty grocer can place print ads in local papers that serve specific communities or companies producing medical equipment or technology can run ads in scientific journals or medical trade magazines. Targeting a niche audience with print is a strategic move that can save money and build worthwhile exposure to your brand.  

Tip #3: Optimize the Consumer Journey with Direct Mail Retargeting  

Pel Hughes provides direct mail retargeting to help you cultivate thoughtful and productive communication with your existing customers as well as potential new ones. Direct mail retargeting works well when campaigns are tailored to specific stages of the customer journey. Retargeting to specific stages can help sway customers in your favor over your competition—especially when attractive incentives like BOGO offers or digital coupon codes are provided.  

Tip #4: Send Direct Mail to New Residents 

If you provide local goods or services, targeting new residents of a community with direct mail is a great way to tap into the power of print ads. Service-based businesses from dental and legal practices to housecleaning, landscaping/lawn care, and dry cleaners can benefit from welcoming newcomers. Boutiques, cafes, and other locally oriented businesses are also great candidates for this type of advertising. Offering specials or discounts to welcome new customers along with helpful information like a list of services or menus make for great direct mail content.  

These tips for print ads are a wonderful starting point for delving into the world of traditional advertising. Pel Hughes is a one-stop-shop for direct mail, graphic design, campaign automation, database services, and cross media marketing. Give our team a call at (504) 486-8646 to request a quote.