Boost Consumer Engagement with Personalization 

Consumer engagement can stagnate—particularly when your customers are overwhelmed with brand messaging online and in-person. One effective method for combatting low consumer engagement is through personalization. Personalized messaging is beneficial both in the digital world and the physical one. Everything from e-mail marketing to direct mail can be personalized.  

What is consumer engagement and why does it matter? 

Consumer engagement really boils down to building rapport with your customers. This is done by providing exceptional customer service, accessibility to your products/services, and personalization. Salesforce, for example, conducted a survey and found that 80% of consumers feel that their experience with a brand is just as important as the quality of the goods or services they provide.  

In a hyper-competitive and global business market, brands face serious challenges earning the repeated business of their clientele. Moreover, consumers are inundated with emails, commercials, social media ads, and more on a daily basis. These factors affect consumer engagement, which over time, can result in lackluster revenue. Boosting engagement with thoughtful communication and helpful service gives brands and businesses a competitive edge.  

Personalization is an important avenue for providing an exceptional brand experience that boosts engagement.  

How is personalization implemented? 

Personalization is implemented with sophisticated software and AI that analyzes consumer data. Technology evaluates consumer patterns, purchase history, and several other data points to predict how best to serve the needs of an individual customer. Personalization can involve simple direct mail campaigns wishing a loyal customer a happy birthday to sending emails with curated products that a customer will likely enjoy.  

Does Pel Hughes offer services to boost consumer engagement? 

Our team at Pel Hughes can help you improve consumer engagement with a variety of services including campaign automation, personalized direct mail, database services, and direct mail retargeting 

Campaign automation is a time- and labor-saving service we offer through our client portal called “Storefront”, which allows for easy online ordering of pre-approved campaigns as well as automated direct mail campaigns that can be sent to celebrate repeat customers’ birthdays, first purchase anniversaries, and more.  

With technology like variable data printing (VDP), your direct mail campaigns can be customized to the individual recipient.  

We also provide database services and direct mail retargeting. Database services help ensure that all your mailing lists are clean and accurate so that your marketing materials reach the right recipients. Direct mail retargeting is a new technology that triggers automatic direct mail campaigns after a digital consumer interacts with your brand by signing up for email notifications or places items in a shopping cart.  

Pel Hughes serves businesses, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations throughout the United States. We provide client-forward service, advanced technology, and a suite of services to help your brand put its best foot forward. Call us today at (504) 486-8646 to request a quote for your next campaign.