Boost HVAC Sales with Direct Mail and Personalized Marketing 

Although it’s booming, the HVAC industry is competitive. Fortunately, modern marketing solutions can help you boost HVAC sales easier than you might think. Our team at Pel Hughes recommends a blended approach through cross media marketing with an emphasis on personalization. Below is helpful information for using direct mail, personalization, and cross media marketing to boost HVAC sales.  

The HVAC Industry at a Glance 

About 110 million households in the United States have an HVAC system. As temperatures rise, more people require HVAC systems to keep their homes comfortable. Estimates indicate that only 14 million homes do not have HVAC systems. While there is room in the industry to market to those without HVAC, there is also room to boost HVAC sales by replacing old systems, upgrading them, or performing standard repairs and maintenance.  

Each year, people in the United States spend about $10 billion on HVAC maintenance/repair. Between two to three million HVAC units are replaced each year as well. Commercial businesses make up a hefty chunk of the HVAC industry’s market share including retailers, grocery stores, hospitals, office buildings, and more.  

When it comes to developing a marketing strategy to boost HVAC sales, it’s important to segment a business’ audience as the HVAC needs of residential buildings and commercial ones differ substantially.  

Personalization, Cross Media Marketing, and Direct Mail Help Boost HVAC Sales 

Personalization is one of the best ways to maintain a competitive advantage in today’s business climate. Personalized marketing is a customer-forward approach that individualizes brand interaction with a consumer. Examples of personalized marketing can include utilizing variable data printing (VDP) for direct mail, which addresses campaigns to a recipient’s legal name or sending helpful e-mail reminders addressed to individuals to change air filters or schedule service requests before summer approaches. 

Data-driven cross media marketing can do wonders to boost HVAC sales, too. Utilizing database services helps brands engage in predictive marketing based on consumer patterns. This allows businesses to send personalized messages in the timeliest manner possible, which will help increase sales conversions. Data-driven marketing works best when both digital and in-person outreach (cross media marketing) are used.  

Direct mail is a great avenue for making meaningful connections with consumers. Campaign automation and direct mail retargeting are great tools for making direct mail more compelling and effective. Automated campaigns help save money and time for businesses while keeping campaigns arriving to consumers at the right time. 

 Direct mail retargeting bridges online interactions with your brand with physical mail. For example, direct mail retargeting involves sending mail campaigns after a consumer makes contact with your brand online by signing up for an e-mail subscription, viewing products on an online catalog, or requests more information.  

Pel Hughes serves businesses and organizations in an array of industries including HVAC. From direct mail to cross media marketing, campaign automation, and database services, we offer a suite of services to help you market to consumers effectively. Visit our website or call (504) 486-8646 to request a quote.