Custom Printed Mailer Boxes: A Secret Weapon in Developing Brand Loyalty

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Any company can ship products in a standard brown box. As more people turn to online shopping, it’s becoming more difficult to create a unique shopper experience. Pre-Covid and pre-internet, brick-and-mortar retailers would take great care in developing a unique shopper experience. For instance, brands like Williams Sonoma, Pier One, Victoria’s Secret, and Abercrombie & Fitch would play specific styles of music, utilize enchanting blends of scents, and invest in unique lighting to develop a consumer experience that enveloped the senses. One way to tap into the power of the memorable consumer experience within the Digital Age is to utilize custom printed mailer boxes

Creating a Brand Experience with Digital Consumers

The days of driving to a store and browsing merchandise are no longer the norm. Today, whether that’s receiving a monthly subscription service or placing an order on Amazon, the majority of products consumed are shipped from warehouses. Since it’s become harder to entice your target consumer with an in-person exchange, it’s more important now than ever, to develop a brand experience that can translate beyond the four walls of your store. 

One way to reach your customers is through the mail. Your packaging can stimulate their senses as they open their products. A custom mailer box is a departure from the appearance and feel of a standard brown box. With a customized mailer box, your logo and unique color scheme is on display. By choosing cardboard stock that’s pleasing to touch and eye-catching design, your mailer box can bring your brand’s experience right into your customer’s household. 

Creating a memorable experience, that makes checking the mail exciting, can foster brand recognition and consumer loyalty. A custom mailer box shows your customers that you are investing in their patronage of your brand. 

Elements of a Great Custom Mailer Box

A great custom mailer box will need a stimulating design, color scheme, and easily-recognizable branding with your logo on full display. Accomplishing this feat involves careful consideration of each part of your box’s appearance. Fonts should be legible and enjoyable to read. Your logo should be placed where it’s easily seen. The colors you select should perfectly complement all the elements of your box’s design. Great custom mailer boxes should never look unprofessional or busy. 

The appearance of your custom box doesn’t just involve its outer surfaces. The inside of the box can be customized, too. From patterned graphics to solid colors, the inside of your mailer box should match its outer contents. Attention to these finer details helps foster a memorable experience for your customers. 

Other elements that you can incorporate with mailer boxes include custom tissue paper and promotional inserts like coupon codes or a sneak peek of upcoming products. 

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