Pel Hughes Offers Door Hanger Printing

Pel Hughes Offers Door Hanger Printing - pel hughes print marketing new orleans la

The point of marketing is to be seen. While direct mail can be effective, there are times when a brand is “out of sight; out of mind” if it is lost in a sea of promotional mail. One way to bypass the tendency of consumers to throw away promotional mail without looking at it is to invest in door hangers. A door hanger is an effective tool that can reach a lot of people without having to spend a lot of money. This cost-effective form of marketing has a number of benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Following are the top three benefits to launching a door hanger campaign. 

Door Hangers are Affordable

Launching a door hanger campaign is one of the most affordable ways to market and advertise your business. One reason that door hangers are so affordable is that postage isn’t necessary to disseminate them. Simply hire people to place them on the doors of homes in your specified area and wait for calls to your business to roll in. 

Printing door hangers doesn’t require overly expensive paper nor does it utilize expensive printing techniques. 

Customizing Door Hangers is Easy

Door hangers are easy to customize with your brand’s logo, preferred color scheme, and fonts. This can help you keep your brand’s message consistent and in line with what potential customers see on your social media channels, website, and your store or office. Maintaining cohesiveness across all your branding is crucial to developing brand recognition and awareness. 

Developing a great door hanger campaign is easy—Pel Hughes has in-house graphic designers to help you develop eye-catching design that resonates with your target audience. If your organization has in-office graphic artists, we can print your door hangers with ease from designs you have already had developed, too. 

Door Hangers Grab Attention

A door hanger commands attention. It makes sense; a consumer can’t get into their home without making contact with your printed materials. Door hangers have a 99% read rate, which means that your materials have a high rate of impact. This means that your door hanger is less likely to be discarded without reading than other forms of print advertising. 

Who Benefits from Door Hangers?

Corporations, small businesses, and nonprofits can benefit from door hanger campaigns. Whether you’re hosting a clothing drive for a worthy cause or advertising a blowout sale, a door hanger can promote your organization and make a compelling call to action at the same time. 

Door hangers are particularly beneficial to the following types of businesses:

  • Restaurants and catering companies
  • Service-based businesses such as roofing, painting, house cleaning, and landscaping
  • Local boutiques and brick-and-mortar businesses
  • Second-hand stores
  • Farmer’s markets
  • Professional services such as accounting, dental practices, insurance agencies, clinics, and law firms

Pel-Hughes offers a seasoned team of printing professionals and graphic designers to help entrepreneurs in diverse industries develop well-executed marketing materials. We operate in-house for printing and fulfillment with some of the most advanced technology in the printing industry. Our team of dedicated professionals commands experience with companies of all sizes and non-profit organizations. 

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