Personalized Marketing Copy: 5 Tips for Optimal Results 

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Personalized marketing copy can be a game changer—particularly for businesses providing individualized services like dental and healthcare along with brands that produce consumer goods. With personalized marketing copy, you can help set your business apart from your competition by making your customers feel appreciated and valued. Valuing your clientele can go a long way in today’s technology-forward commerce climate.  

Following are five helpful tips to get optimal results from your personalized marketing copy.  

5 Tips for Personalized Marketing Copy 

Keep Your Copy Casual and Relatable 

Using overly technical vernacular in your copy can confuse and even turn away potential customers. Whenever possible, it’s best to use casual and simple language that can highlight the benefits of your goods and/or services with minimal risk of confusion. While maintaining a simple, friendly tone is important, it’s wise to avoid being overly informal as it could come off as unprofessional. Our team recommends creating copy with short sentences, an informative tone, and personalized touches.  

Anticipate Your Customer’s Needs in Your Copy 

Every customer has specific wants and needs. When you draft marketing copy, understanding these needs is critical to creating messages that spurn interest in your goods and services. One way to demonstrate your understanding of your target consumer is to anticipate their needs in your copy and offer solutions to their problems. For example, let’s say you provide residential cleaning services. Your clients likely struggle with keeping a clean home due to time constraints from work and family life. Your copy should recognize your customer’s desire for a cleaner home while also offering a solution: a team of professional cleaners who can make a house spotless in a couple of hours. 

Abide by the Golden Rule 

It might not seem like the Golden Rule applies in business when the focus is on expansion and profits but treating your customers with empathy and respect can go a long way. When drafting marketing copy, ask yourself questions like “if I were in this consumer’s shoes, what type of communication would resonate with me?” With marketing copy, your mission is to make decision-making easier for your potential customer. Highlighting the unique advantages associated with purchasing from your brand is a great way to demonstrate to your consumers that you value their wants and needs.  

Consider Feedback from Surveys 

One way to connect with your customers is to conduct brand surveys and carefully evaluate the feedback. Understanding the wants and needs of your customer base helps foster long-term relationships with your business. Customers want to be understood and appreciated so implementing surveys and taking constructive criticism seriously shows your clientele that you make their satisfaction with your products and services a priority. The results of these surveys can help shape the tone and direction of your future content, which can help your brand build staying power.  

Leverage CRM Databases to Your Advantage 

CRM databases are valuable tools to help you produce content that resonates with your target consumers. You can use CRM technology to create detailed personas of the people who purchase from your brand as well as those who show interest in your business by interacting with your social media and website. CRM makes it possible to understand what messages drive customer interaction and their purchases. These reliable metrics can be used to make sure your personalized marketing copy strikes a chord with customers.  

Print and digital personalized marketing copy can make a world of difference in your messaging. Our team at Pel Hughes can help you develop personalized marketing campaigns through e-mail, direct mail, social media, and more. We also provide online databases to store approved brand messages, retargeting technology, variable data printing, and CRM software to help you create effective personalized marketing.  

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