CRM Integration with Direct Mail 


In last week’s post, we discussed the benefits of CRM (customer relationship management) software for businesses and organizations. CRM provides helpful tools to marketers, sales professionals, and customer service representatives. Another great aspect of this software is that CRM integration with direct mail can help marketers deploy effective print advertising campaigns based on reliable metrics generated from CRM software.  

How CRM Integration with Direct Mail Works 

Integrating CRM with direct mail is a seamless way to measure response rates and analyze demographic traits of consumers. CRM software evaluates data related to print advertising very similar to how it analyzes data retrieved from digital campaigns. The most important aspect of integrating CRM to direct mail is to have full automation of your campaigns. For example, scheduled and triggered direct mail are great tools businesses can use to automate their campaigns. Scheduled direct mail campaigns can be automated to specific groups of existing and prospective consumers on a regular basis such as every month or quarter while triggered campaigns can be sent when consumers sign up for e-mail notifications or make their first purchase.  

For this to work optimally, it is important for businesses to store direct mail templates online. Our team at Pel Hughes offers, Storefront—a digital library that can store a wealth of your brand’s print materials including retail signage, postcards, and folded pamphlets. Direct mail templates can be generated for scheduled and triggered campaigns in a matter of seconds. By integrating CRM software, these campaigns can be personalized to specific consumers, too.  

Benefits of Direct Mail with CRM Integration 

Using CRM integration with your direct mail campaigns offers unique advantages to businesses of all sizes, including small retailers and non-profit organizations. Most notable benefits associated with CRM integration involve: 

  • Efficiency: Since CRM integration automates direct mail campaigns, business owners can enjoy reduced labor costs and time associated with marketing and advertising projects. For instance, automation and pre-designed templates save ample time normally spent on uploading mailing lists and designing campaigns.  
  • Cost Effectiveness: In addition to organizing accurate data to boost a direct mail campaign’s ROI, CRM integration offers other cost-saving benefits, too. CRM integration can substantially reduce duplicate mailings and returned mailings.  
  • Boosted revenue: Deploying effective direct mail campaigns will boost sales and expand your consumer base over time. This can generate robust sales and long-term relationships with loyal consumers.  
  • Accurate Performance Tracking: When you add PURLs, QR codes, and other tracking metrics to your direct mail campaigns, CRM integration makes it easier to evaluate your marketing efforts with reliable data. This data can then be used to ensure that future campaigns deliver similar ROIs.  

How Pel Hughes Can Help 

Pel Hughes pairs old-fashioned client service with advanced tools and technology to ensure that our clients get the most out of their print and digital advertising campaigns. We offer database services, online portals for easy ordering, and sophisticated printing technology for maximum personalization. Our team of experts can help you develop a cross media marketing strategy that helps your business thrive. If you have questions about CRM integration and direct mail or would like to request a quote, give our friendly team a call at (504) 486-8646. We serve businesses and organizations throughout Louisiana and beyond.