10 Tips for Non-Profit Marketing That You Should Know 

Marketing for cause-based organizations presents unique challenges—particularly when it comes to cultivating lasting relationships with recurring donors, broadening your base of contributors, and raising awareness for worthy causes. Fortunately, our experts at Pel Hughes have compiled ten tips for non-profit marketing to help spark some inspiration.  

Top Ten Tips for Non-Profit Marketing 

Use Cross Media Marketing 

When it comes to modern marketing, utilizing both conventional channels and digital media can help your organization thrive. Cross media marketing involves combining the best of both print and digital marketing to ensure that your message reaches as many people as possible. Examples of robust cross media marketing initiatives includes frequent social media posts, e-mail marketing, and print advertising like direct mail and newsletters.  

Incorporate Visual Storytelling 

The adage that a “picture says a thousand words” has science to back it up. Visual campaigns that use compelling photography and video have a big impact. The brain can process images and video much faster than it can process the written word. In the context of non-profit marketing, visual storytelling is very effective for demonstrating the need for action as well as helping viewers tap into empathetic emotions.  

Implement Donations on Digital Channels 

A simple “Donate Now” button on your organization’s website, your social channels, and in digital newsletters is incredibly convenient to your donor base. Making the process of taking action as seamless as possible can help your cause-based organization receive the donations it needs to perform transformative work.  

Invest in Promotional Apparel and Products 

Promotional apparel and products like reusable totes, t-shirts, hats, and thermoses make a splash with your donors and the general public. First and foremost, these items can be gifted to donors for large or recurring contributions, which helps build lasting relationships with contributors. Additionally, these promotional items being used and worn in public will help familiarize people with your logo and organization. Branding is just as important in non-profit marketing as it is for for-profit enterprises.  

Analyze Data 

Determining what elements of your marketing resonate with donors requires taking a deep dive into data. Evaluating data such as clicks, views, demographic information, website traffic, and interactions from PURLs and QR codes placed on direct mail can help you shape your future marketing efforts. This data gives your marketing team insight into what piques interest and what doesn’t.  

Form Partnerships with Businesses and Influencers 

Striking partnerships with for-profit businesses and influential people can help spread your message—particularly if you’re trying to increase awareness for a cause or to reach a donation milestone. For example, partnering with a retail business can involve generating thousands of small donations while also familiarizing the general public with your work. Similarly, working with an influential person such as a local celebrity or social media personality can help generate interest in your organization’s impact.  

Send Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns 

Direct mail is a powerful tool that resonates across all demographics. Targeted direct mail is especially beneficial because it helps enhance your digital marketing efforts. Targeted campaigns can involve sending “thank you” postcards to first-time donors or formal invitations to fundraising events from your network of long-time recurring donors. Direct mail adds a level of personalization and legitimacy to your organization that is difficult to replicate online. 

Implement Surveys to Learn More About Your Donors 

Sending surveys to your network of donors is a great way to gather helpful feedback. A survey helps you stay abreast of what your donors find important as well as giving them an opportunity to shape the future of your organization. Surveys can help glean information from your donors about what type(s) of messaging resonates with them, events they enjoy participating in, and volunteer work opportunities that spark donors’ interests.  

Incentivize Donors with Awards and Prizes 

Prizes and awards are great ways to increase participation in volunteer opportunities as well as donor activity. Incentives can be given at random or to specific tiers of recurring donors. Offering chances to win high ticket items like mobile phones or weekend getaways are particularly useful for generating interest in fundraising events.  

Be sure to check back with our blog for additional tips for non-profit marketing. Pel Hughes has worked with many non-profit organizations in Louisiana and beyond. We offer cross media marketing, direct mail, database services, and campaign automation. Give our friendly team a call today at (504) 486-8646 or request a quote online