Did you know that non-profit organizations have a significant failure rate? According to data compiled by the IRS, between 49% to 77% of non-profits fail. Many of these organizations performed important, necessary work that made a real impact on communities, the environment, and other worthy causes. The problem with non-profit failures often lies with marketing. Effective non-profit marketing can make or break an organization. Fortunately, the pros at Pel Hughes have your back. We work with non-profits throughout the United States with print advertising, database services, campaign automation, and cross media marketing 

4 Effective Non-Profit Marketing Tips 

Develop a Strong Social Media Presence 

Marketers often liken social media pages to real estate. The more robust your digital portfolio is, the more likely you are to reach a broad audience and build a reputation of legitimacy. In the past, a non-profit might have posted to one social platform like Facebook. Today, however, non-profits need to engage on as many platforms as possible. This means an organization should have active accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Some posts can be automated with software like Hootsuite, which can schedule posts to various platforms in advance as well as manage user engagement across various platforms from a single interface.  

While many posts can be automated with technology, it is important to tailor content to specific platforms. Short-form videos are ideal for TikTok and Instagram while informative graphics and short messages are better suited for Twitter and Facebook.  

Posting to social media isn’t enough. Non-profits need to prioritize engaging with social media users. Answering questions, retweeting mentions, and sharing helpful information in comments sections helps push posts up higher in algorithms while also making your organization feel accessible and inclusive to potential donors and volunteers.  

Personalize Your Messaging to Donors 

Your donors are the lifeblood of your organization. Without their contributions, your non-profit cannot make necessary impacts. Donors respond very favorably to personalization. Fortunately, technology makes it possible to personalize both print and digital messaging. For example, Pel Hughes utilizes variable data printing (VDP) to address specific individuals by name on direct mail pieces, letters, and envelopes. We also generate PURLs (personalized URLs) to specific recipients of direct mail and e-mail marketing. PURLs are great for announcing a new fundraiser, celebrating milestones, and inviting individuals to events.  

Leverage Data to Your Advantage 

With our database services, our non-profit clients can easily sort their donors and volunteers into helpful categories. For example, your donor database can be segmented into top-tier donors, monthly donors, or those who devote ample time to volunteering. Your database can also be organized into segments based on demographic data. Segmenting your audience can help you tailor your marketing messaging for optimal impact while improving personalization.  

Automate Your Campaigns 

Effective non-profit marketing harnesses the power of technology. Campaign automation can save time and labor while also maintaining consistent outreach to your base of donors and volunteers. A great way to utilize campaign automation is to send e-mail and direct mail containing messages of gratitude and impact after an individual makes a donation or participates in a volunteer event.  

Pel Hughes serves non-profits in a variety of sectors including higher education, healthcare, animal welfare, and social causes. Our team of experts can help you develop an effective non-profit marketing plan that meets your needs and your budget. Give us a call at (504) 486-8646 to learn more.  

The experts at Pel Hughes were thrilled to contribute graphic design and non-profit marketing insight to Lincoln University’s recent fundraising campaign for Giving Tuesday. Lincoln University is a premier liberal arts college in Pennsylvania. As the first historically Black institution to grant degrees, Lincoln University has earned a reputation for excellence since its founding in 1854. Like other higher education institutions, Lincoln University relies on fundraising to give current and prospective students access to life-changing opportunities. The school’s participation in Giving Tuesday—a global philanthropic initiative that occurs every Tuesday after Thanksgiving—was an inspiring success.

Fundraising and Non-Profit Marketing

Raising funds is the lifeblood of any non-profit organization. Every successful fundraiser involves announcing a campaign well before the funds trickle in. In the case of a university, alumni, staff, and community members benefit from ample notice. To accomplish this, the pros at Pel Hughes produced beautiful graphic design pieces for Lincoln U’s social media, website, and fundraising web pages.

Below are some examples of non-profit marketing images our team designed.

These types of images are perfect for e-mail campaigns, social media announcements, websites, and even direct mail pieces. In addition to professionally designed images, copy should concisely reflect the need for donations as well as simple instructions for how recipients can contribute. The entire process should be as easy as possible to incentivize donors.

Lincoln University’s Results

Pel Hughes is pleased to announce that Lincoln University’s Giving Tuesday fundraiser was a heartwarming display of generosity and charity. The university received over $24,000 in donations from 161 contributors in a 24-hour timeframe. One aspect of this fundraiser that was unique was that donors could select where their funds went such as specific programs, the library, clubs, or athletic teams.

Ring in the New Year with a Great Non-Profit Marketing Plan

With a new year upon us, now is a great time to evaluate (and improve) your non-profit marketing efforts—especially when it comes to announcing fundraisers and donor events. The pros at Pel Hughes can help. We offer a host of non-profit marketing services including graphic design, database services, direct mail campaigns, promotional products and apparel, and e-mail marketing. We also have helpful non-profit marketing resources on our blog to inspire you.

Pel Hughes is a woman-owned enterprise and full-service printing company. We pair cutting-edge technology with old fashioned, client-centered service. If you’re interested in boosting the visibility of your non-profit, give our helpful experts a call at (504) 486-8646.

Marketing for cause-based organizations presents unique challenges—particularly when it comes to cultivating lasting relationships with recurring donors, broadening your base of contributors, and raising awareness for worthy causes. Fortunately, our experts at Pel Hughes have compiled ten tips for non-profit marketing to help spark some inspiration.  

Top Ten Tips for Non-Profit Marketing 

Use Cross Media Marketing 

When it comes to modern marketing, utilizing both conventional channels and digital media can help your organization thrive. Cross media marketing involves combining the best of both print and digital marketing to ensure that your message reaches as many people as possible. Examples of robust cross media marketing initiatives includes frequent social media posts, e-mail marketing, and print advertising like direct mail and newsletters.  

Incorporate Visual Storytelling 

The adage that a “picture says a thousand words” has science to back it up. Visual campaigns that use compelling photography and video have a big impact. The brain can process images and video much faster than it can process the written word. In the context of non-profit marketing, visual storytelling is very effective for demonstrating the need for action as well as helping viewers tap into empathetic emotions.  

Implement Donations on Digital Channels 

A simple “Donate Now” button on your organization’s website, your social channels, and in digital newsletters is incredibly convenient to your donor base. Making the process of taking action as seamless as possible can help your cause-based organization receive the donations it needs to perform transformative work.  

Invest in Promotional Apparel and Products 

Promotional apparel and products like reusable totes, t-shirts, hats, and thermoses make a splash with your donors and the general public. First and foremost, these items can be gifted to donors for large or recurring contributions, which helps build lasting relationships with contributors. Additionally, these promotional items being used and worn in public will help familiarize people with your logo and organization. Branding is just as important in non-profit marketing as it is for for-profit enterprises.  

Analyze Data 

Determining what elements of your marketing resonate with donors requires taking a deep dive into data. Evaluating data such as clicks, views, demographic information, website traffic, and interactions from PURLs and QR codes placed on direct mail can help you shape your future marketing efforts. This data gives your marketing team insight into what piques interest and what doesn’t.  

Form Partnerships with Businesses and Influencers 

Striking partnerships with for-profit businesses and influential people can help spread your message—particularly if you’re trying to increase awareness for a cause or to reach a donation milestone. For example, partnering with a retail business can involve generating thousands of small donations while also familiarizing the general public with your work. Similarly, working with an influential person such as a local celebrity or social media personality can help generate interest in your organization’s impact.  

Send Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns 

Direct mail is a powerful tool that resonates across all demographics. Targeted direct mail is especially beneficial because it helps enhance your digital marketing efforts. Targeted campaigns can involve sending “thank you” postcards to first-time donors or formal invitations to fundraising events from your network of long-time recurring donors. Direct mail adds a level of personalization and legitimacy to your organization that is difficult to replicate online. 

Implement Surveys to Learn More About Your Donors 

Sending surveys to your network of donors is a great way to gather helpful feedback. A survey helps you stay abreast of what your donors find important as well as giving them an opportunity to shape the future of your organization. Surveys can help glean information from your donors about what type(s) of messaging resonates with them, events they enjoy participating in, and volunteer work opportunities that spark donors’ interests.  

Incentivize Donors with Awards and Prizes 

Prizes and awards are great ways to increase participation in volunteer opportunities as well as donor activity. Incentives can be given at random or to specific tiers of recurring donors. Offering chances to win high ticket items like mobile phones or weekend getaways are particularly useful for generating interest in fundraising events.  

Be sure to check back with our blog for additional tips for non-profit marketing. Pel Hughes has worked with many non-profit organizations in Louisiana and beyond. We offer cross media marketing, direct mail, database services, and campaign automation. Give our friendly team a call today at (504) 486-8646 or request a quote online 

One of the biggest challenges non-profit marketers have is capturing the attention of donors. Developing a solid non-profit marketing strategy involves analyzing data, deploying compelling storytelling campaigns, and understanding donor psychology. Invigorating your organization’s marketing efforts can feel like a daunting task. Fortunately, we’ve compiled some helpful marketing tips for non-profits to consider.

5 Marketing Tips for Non-Profits That You Should Know

#1 Know Your Audience 

You have a better chance of deploying effective marketing campaigns when you understand your audience. The best way to know your audience is to analyze demographic data. Important information like consumer spending habits, household income, age, ethnic and religious backgrounds, and locations can help you tailor your messaging so that it resonates with potential donors.

#2 Connect with Your Donors Through Visual Storytelling 

Establishing a connection with donors is essential in effective non-profit marketing. One of the best ways to make a memorable impression on donors is to incorporate visual storytelling into your digital and print campaigns. From video clips of the impact your organization has on a cause to photos depicting the individuals who benefit from donations, storytelling helps humanize the work your non-profit does. Human beings tend to tap into empathy on a deeper level when cause-based work highlights individual stories of improvement and triumph.

#3 Understand Donor Psychology for Maximum Effectiveness 

According to Classy.org, understanding donor psychology plays a large role in the effectiveness of fundraising and marketing campaigns for cause-based organizations. In 2021, Classy published a report on psychological trends among donors who contribute to charitable donations in the United States.

This report revealed that more than half of millennial donors make sacrifices in their lifestyle so that they have money to give to cause-based organizations. The report also found that about half of donations coincide with news reports. For instance, when a natural disaster makes national news, contributors make donations shortly after seeing news content. Another key finding from this report was the fact that many contributors perform research on an organization such as its political and religious ties before committing to a donation.

#4 Tailor Communication to Specific Donor Groups 

One way that marketers can get a leg up on reaching optimal effectiveness with their campaigns is by tailoring communication to specific types of recipients. Segmenting donors into groups can help tailor communication so that it makes a bigger impact. Some organizations divide their donor groups by demographic data like age or household income while others disseminate content to groups based on donor activity. One common tactic is to provide more frequent communication to contributors who send recurring donations. Recurring donors are perfect candidates for tailored content such as print newsletters and promotional apparel because they are more acquainted with your work. Similarly, welcoming new donors with invitations to events or tailoring content that provides a more introductory view of your cause can help increase their engagement with your organization without overwhelming them.

#5 Utilize Social Media Platforms to Reach More People 

Social media is a powerful tool for fostering a sense of community and raising awareness. Each social networking platform tends to have its own culture, too. Text-heavy content that sparks discussion tends to do well on Facebook while infographics and short videos perform well on Instagram. Creating digital content that is appropriate for each specific social media platform is a wise strategy for building your donor base and increasing your organization’s reach.

At Pel Hughes, we offer marketing support to non-profit organizations in and around Louisiana. From print newsletters to direct mail campaigns and cross media marketing, our experts can help your organization reach more donors. To learn more, request a quote online or give our team a call at (504) 486-8646.