Marketing Trends: Hot Colors for 2023 


A new year is almost upon us and for professional marketers, that means it’s time to develop editorial calendars for next year’s marketing projects as well as finalize the overall aesthetic of a brand’s messaging for the new year. Color, like anything else, follows trends based upon world events, popular culture, and a host of other social factors. When the calendar rolls to a new year, people tend to focus on the future so tapping into marketing trends is a great way to help ensure that next year’s content will resonate with consumers.

How Color Marketing Trends are Determined

A few well-known organizations like Pantone and the Color Marketing Group (CMG) contribute to analyzing upcoming trends with color. The Color Marketing Group, a non-profit organization, takes a deep dive in color trends and produces a color forecast on a regular basis. Analyzing world events, social changes, and high volumes of data is involved in their color recommendations for brands and marketers. You can view a more detailed analysis of this year’s upcoming color marketing trends by clicking here.

Color Marketing Trends for the New Year

For 2023, CMG determined that space, emerging technology, the rise of digital commerce, and environmental issues are the driving forces behind determining the upcoming year’s color trends. CMG also evaluates the psychological impact color has considering world events and social changes to develop their marketing recommendations.

Following are some key takeaways from the CMG color forecast that you should know.


After years of contending with a global pandemic and economic uncertainty, consumers are gravitating towards comfort. This fact has demonstrated that warm colors, particularly warm reds, yellows, and oranges pique consumer interest. Warm colors have a comforting effect on the psyche and can be implemented beautifully in marketing materials for several industries. Focusing on a warm aesthetic doesn’t mean that blues and greens are out the window. Warm earthy tones can be balanced in marketing materials with cool-toned blues and sage greens.


Neutrals have a big place in 2023—especially in packaging. As consumers desire more environmentally conscious goods, brands are responding by reducing their reliance on dyes for packaging and mailing boxes. The general public’s acceptance of neutrals is certainly beneficial to companies utilizing raw and recycled materials for their packaging and products.

Invigorating & Bold Black 

One surprising addition to the CMG color forecast is a specific black called “Bohld”. This hue isn’t just any black either. It’s a rich, inviting black that evokes feelings of creativity and contemplation rather than darkness or sadness. Bohld is a great choice for direct mail materials, logos, and digital graphics.

While awareness of color marketing trends is helpful, it’s important to work with design professionals. A graphic designer can help you implement trending colors while maintaining your existing brand’s aesthetic so that new marketing materials won’t confuse your clientele.

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