5 Benefits of Cross Media Marketing 

Are you leveraging digital and print marketing to your advantage? Combining print and digital marketing, also known as cross media marketing, offers unique advantages for your business. Some key benefits of cross media marketing include: expanding your brand’s reach, improving data collection for measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns, and retaining clientele with increased customer service. 

Following are five benefits of cross media marketing that you should consider.  

Five Great Benefits of Cross Media Marketing 

#1 Broaden Your Brand’s Reach 

Modern consumers are inundated with messaging across dozens of channels. From radio and television to e-mail, social media, and their mailbox, the world is an oyster of information and promotion. This onslaught of information can overwhelm consumers or simply become lost in a sea of advertising. Utilizing cross media marketing, such as sending direct mail campaigns in addition to social media and e-mail marketing can help your brand reach the people who need your products and/or services.  

Even more compelling is the fact that merging print and digital marketing is ideal for including consumers across numerous demographics. Inclusivity is essential for staying afloat in today’s hypercompetitive business climate.  

#2 Leverage Data and Tracking for Better Messaging 

One of the best benefits of cross media marketing is data tracking. With technology, you can compare response rates across your campaigns—including print. Embedding QR codes, promotional coupon codes, and PURLs (personalized URLs) on your direct mail campaigns is a great way to evaluate the response to a particular mailer. These tools can also drive traffic and engagement to your digital channels. Once your data is collected, you can also enlist our help with database services to further segment your audience for more personalized messaging and retargeting campaigns.  

#3 Improve Customer Service 

Developing a presence across multiple channels can optimize your customer service. Before the Digital Age, customer service was relegated to brick-and-mortar establishments and call centers. Today, however, a good deal of customer service occurs on social media platforms and in e-mail inboxes. By making your brand more accessible to your customers—on platforms where they feel most comfortable—can make a world of difference.  

#4 Make Personalization Easier 

Personalization is more than just a buzzword. Consumers expect personalized attention. Psychologists believe that consumer focus on personalization comes from a need to feel seen and heard in today’s rapidly changing world.  

Did you know that more than 60% of consumers who receive a personalized experience become repeat customers? Personalization builds brand loyalty. Fortunately, technology makes it possible to personalize a consumer’s experience beyond in-person interactions. For instance, variable data printing ensures that your direct mail addresses a consumer by their legal name. E-mail messaging is easily personalized, too with variable fields for recipients. Data can also help with personalization. With data, you can track a particular customer’s purchase history, items viewed on your website, and much more. This makes it easier to make product recommendations based on their unique consumer preferences. All of these personalization tools offer opportunity to enhance your consumer’s experience for the better.  

#5 Maintain Contact with Existing Customers 

With an influx of ways to communicate with consumers, it might be tempting to place the ball solely in your customer’s court. While it’s important to avoid overwhelming your clientele, it can be difficult to stay in contact with customers across various channels. For example, a long-time customer of yours may deactivate his or her Facebook account. Over time, this deactivation could lead to less exposure to your brand. One way to combat this potential revenue loss is to establish other means of communication with repeat consumers. Offering coupons for signing up for e-mail newsletters or reaching out to longtime customers via direct mail is a great way to maintain contact when one method of communication dries up. The best way to maintain contact with lapsed customers is to incentivize them with coupons or promotional deals.  

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