Direct Mail Helps Brands Thrive in 2023 

In a time of uncertainty and information overload, direct mail helps brands maintain a competitive edge in a tough business climate. Adding direct mail to your advertising repertoire fosters deeper connections with consumers, especially when direct mail is personalized. In fact, over 84% of consumers believe that being treated as an individual by a brand is just as important as the quality of their goods or services. Fortunately, direct mail helps consumers feel appreciated and acknowledged—emotions that go a long way in our modern business climate.  

3 Ways that Direct Mail Helps Businesses & Organizations 

#1 Develop an Offline Experience 

Although the digital world is prominent in the life of consumers, offline experiences with a brand still matter. Even if you don’t operate a brick and mortar establishment, your brand or organization can benefit from the in-the-flesh connection that direct mail delivers. Direct mail helps brands by providing a tactile, trustworthy form of contact with consumers. Modern technology like variable data printing, QR codes, and PURLs (personalized URLs) make it possible to seamlessly merge the print and digital worlds without sacrificing a personalized experience.  

#2 Boost Trust & Brand Recognition 

According to research from the USPS, direct mail is viewed as one of the most trustworthy forms of advertising. This notion is true across multiple generations and demographics, too. Even millennials and Gen Z enjoy receiving direct mail—especially mail pieces that offer purchasing incentives with discount codes and coupons. Direct mail is also an effective form of reaching out to students and donors in the education and non-profit sectors.  

When it comes to brand recognition, nothing compares to direct mail. Researchers have found that seeing and touching printed materials activates long term memory in a way that digital advertising cannot replicate. This research makes a compelling case for direct mail’s ability to tap into consumer consciousness.  

#3 Reach Out to Inactive Consumers 

Reaching out to inactive consumers is more cost-effective than soliciting new business. Direct mail helps re-engage with inactive consumers and clients in a thoughtful, productive manner. When a formerly active customer no longer visits your website, makes purchases, or clicks through e-mails, sending an incentivizing piece of direct mail is an effective way to re-establish contact.  

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