How to Use QR Codes with Direct Mail 

Using QR codes with direct mail offers unique advantages for marketers. While QR codes have ebbed and flowed in popularity over the years, recent trends indicate that marketing with QR codes is here to stay. This is likely because QR codes make for a robust cross media marketing strategy, provide reliable metrics on response rates, and help integrate print marketing efforts with digital ones. In addition to being beneficial to retail and service-based businesses, QR codes are great additions to mail pieces for educational institutions, non-profit organizations, legal practices, and healthcare clinics, too. 

QR Codes Explained 

QR stands for “quick response”. This code contains intricate pixels that can store far more information than a conventional barcode. QR codes are scannable with camera applications on smartphones and tablets. When printed on direct mail pieces, QR codes can be used to direct recipients to digital channels like personalized landing pages, social media accounts, videos, and websites. It can also direct recipients to e-mail sign-up forms and personalized shopping carts.  

What makes QR codes so beneficial is the fact that they can provide real-time metrics on the response to your direct mail campaigns. QR software allows for marketers to monitor how many QR codes were scanned by a campaign’s recipients, whether those recipients took action by making a purchase or signing up for an e-mail list, and when/where a QR scan took place. These metrics can help strengthen future campaigns by analyzing what types of messaging produced the best response rates and sales conversions in the past.  

Tips for Using QR Codes with Direct Mail 

Using QR codes correctly can yield great results. If you’re new to using QR codes on direct mail campaigns, we have compiled some helpful tips.  

  • QR codes should be placed on mailers in areas that do not distract from the overall aesthetic and design. A great place for a QR code on direct mail is the backside near the call to action. 
  • A QR code should be an appropriate size. Not too big but not so small it is unnoticeable.  
  • Adding a border around a QR code or using arrows with copy that says “Scan Me” is very helpful for spurning consumer action.  
  • Consider offering an incentive with a QR code scan. For instance, “enjoy 10% off your purchase by scanning this code” or “booking a free consultation is just a scan away” can help generate consumer action.  

Add a QR Code to Your Next Direct Mail Campaign 

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