Benefits of an Informative Business Card

Imagine for a moment that you have just returned home from a networking function. Within an hour and a half of “working the room,” you could have reasonably returned from the event with at least 30 new business cards. But in, let’s say a month or so, how will you distinguish between those companies, especially if you have cards from multiple organizations competing in the same industry?

The truth is–most small business owners get “carried away” by the design choices when creating a business card, forgetting that this tiny 2 x 3.5 inch card is, indeed, a marketing tool. Therefore, your business card should not only be attractive, it should also be informative. Following, we’ve put together a few benefits for taking time to create an informative business card.

  • Who Are You? Business cards provide a great way of telling potential customers what your business does and what you stand for.
  • What’s In It For Them? A well-crafted business card will go beyond telling you the business name and industry; it will delve answer the question most customers are asking themselves: “Why should I choose this company?” Your business card can eliminate the guesswork, explaining briefly what makes your company unique and what perks they’ll get by working with you.
  • Invite Them To Engage. Remember, people do business with other people. Therefore, if you’re active on social media, by all means invite a prospect to engage with your company. If you offer incentives such as coupons or special invitations for connecting socially, the business card is a great place to tell them that, too.
  • Give ‘Em Something To Remember You By. Your business card will often give a prospect their first impression of your company. It’s a perfect way to create a brief but powerful statement while leaving them wanting more, more, more.

In short, informative business cards separate you from the pack by answering the burning questions on your prospects mind, leaving them with a positive impression of your business, your mission and your message.

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