It is 2017; You Need a Responsive Website

Responsive sites are not built with any device in mind. Instead, they are built to be scalable to any device, no matter its size. It is a huge leap forward from mobile sites. These were sites built only for mobile devices. It usually requires the site owner to create two sites; one for mobile and the other for desktop devices. On the other hand, responsive sites can adapt to any existing or future devices.

Shopping on Mobile Devices is growing

One of the reasons why you should create a responsive site is that mobile shoppers are growing steadily. Recent data indicates that 80% of all Americans have shopped through their phone at one time or another. Failing to make the site responsive could lead to some serious losses.

It Affects a Site’s SEO Ranking

With Google having recognized that most people now use their mobile devices to access the internet, it edited its algorithm. The new update to the Google algorithm ranks sites with responsiveness higher. Google considers a responsive site to be crucial to helping customers get the most relevant results from it.

It Reduces the Bounce Rate

When a site is built to be responsive on multiple devices, it helps with the retention rate. Bounce rate is another factor that may influence how Google ranks a site. Additionally, it affects how easily customers can navigate through the site. If they have a hard time navigating, there is little chance of successful conversion.

More Than Half of All Traffic Comes from Mobile Devices

Most sites now report that over half of their traffic is from mobile devices. It is not that hard to find a good web developer to augment the site. Additionally, the costs involved in making the site more responsive can be recovered from the increased conversion rates.

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  1. Rajesh Sawant
    Rajesh Sawant says:

    I totally agree with you on the points you have mentioned that it’s very important to build a responsive website as most of the searches are done through mobile to attract more number of visitors to increase the sales.

  2. rohit
    rohit says:

    Nice post!
    the responsive website is very important in today because the most of user visit the website on mobile, so the website should have mobile friendly.

  3. Alkesh Gupta
    Alkesh Gupta says:

    Nice post and very helpful in today’s life as the use of internet is growing day by days and so the websites to be fast and be view able in every mobile screen. Keep sharing such interesting posts.

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