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Developing a persuasive and effective direct mail campaign is an involved process. Not only should your design, font, and graphics look enticing, your copy should spurn action and reflect the value your business has to offer. Truth be told, your direct mail campaigns may require numerous revisions but the end result is worth it. Copywriting is an artform and there’s a multitude of ways you can help engage your potential customers. Whenever possible, it’s always a good idea to work with a professional writer to ensure that your copy is free of errors and awkward phrasing. Having error-free copy isn’t enough, though. Your copy should generate consumer interest and action. Following are insider copywriting tips that can help you convert direct mail recipients into your customers.

3 Easy-to-Implement Copywriting Tips for Direct Mail

#1 Focus on Benefits Instead of Features

It might seem like drafting copy detailing the features of your product or service is a great way to reach potential customers. While the features of your offerings are certainly important, it’s often easier to win over potential customers when you develop copy that is benefits-forward. 

Let’s say you own a power washing company. You may be tempted to lead with the features of the state-of-the-art equipment you use. While these features may really resonate with you because you are an industry insider, these features may not pique consumer interest from folks outside of your industry. Leading with the benefits your services provide, however, can resonate with almost anyone reading your direct mail. Your copy should reflect how power washing can improve the appearance of many exterior surfaces, including sidewalks, driveways, decks, and exterior siding. Pepper in some striking before and after photos to accompany your copy and you could have your phone ringing off the hook with inquiries. 

#2 Address Common Objections

Before you send out a direct mail campaign, it’s a good idea to make a list of common objections you hear when trying to sell your product or service. Objections such as “I don’t have enough money for this service” or “I tried a similar product and it didn’t work for me” can be addressed in your copy. One trick marketers use is to break down costs into smaller increments. For instance, a supplement may cost $60 a month, which may turn people away if they know there is a comparable product for a lesser price. Your copy, however, could break down this cost into a more palatable number by stating “Improve your energy levels for just $2 a day”. Anticipating objections and addressing them with facts goes a long way with hesitant consumers.

#3 Identify and Acknowledge Your Potential Customer’s Frustrations

Your product or service could enhance a person’s life by eliminating or reducing some type of stress. A house cleaning company, for example, would want to lead with copy that acknowledges how time-consuming and laborious it can be to maintain a clean and orderly home. Identifying your customer’s frustrations is a powerful tool. Following up with something like “Imagine what it feels like to come home to an immaculate house after a long day at work” provides a tangible and enticing solution to their problem. 

Deploying a compelling direct mail campaign is a daunting task. Fortunately, these copywriting tips can help you get started. If you are feeling overwhelmed, reach out to the experts at Pel Hughes. We offer in-house printing and fulfillment, graphic designcampaign automation, and world-class client service. Call our friendly team today at (504) 486-8646 to request a quote.