Creative direct mail drives new business, deepens connections with existing customers/clients, and helps your organization build lasting brand power.   When we think of direct mail, we commonly think of common angles marketers take to reach consumers. Simple mail pieces may send a condensed menu to a local take-out operation or offer a small coupon to […]

We’ve been excited about our new, effective product we offer our clients, direct mail retargeting. Direct mail retargeting is a powerful technology that can help you connect with digital visitors, increase conversions, and work around digital clutter and fatigue—a phenomenon that is plaguing consumers.   Direct Mail Retargeting Circumvents Digital Clutter  Digital clutter is a […]

Marketing to millennials can be challenging for print and digital marketers. This generation has had their lives earmarked by two radically different worlds. Imagine your formative years consisting of wall-mounted landline telephones, printed maps, and TV Guide subscriptions with your teenage years and adulthood consisting of smartphones, GPS, and Netflix. Tethering between these strikingly different […]