Direct mail is powerful but improper execution of a direct mail campaign can produce disappointing results. While design and great copy has a lot to do with effective direct mail, quite a lot can go wrong with a campaign beyond the design process. As part four of our “Direct Mail Appreciation” blog series, the pros […]

Gen Z—or “Zoomers”—are comprised of people born after 1996. While plenty of Gen Z folks are still in high school or college, a significant portion of this generation have been in the workforce for several years. As the oldest of Zoomers are approaching their late 20s more data is coming in about consumer activity, worldview, […]

Generational marketing is becoming an increasingly important trend—especially with the rise of personalized messaging. Each generation has unique wants and needs in their respective seasons of their lives and Baby Boomers are no different. If you’ve ever wondered about print response by generation, read on to learn more about how Boomers respond to direct mail. […]