Need a Better Mailing List? Consider These Tips 

Mailing List

The foundation of any print advertising campaign is its mailing list. Developing a great mailing list takes time and for some, its growth can stagnate. Increasing the size of your mailing list isn’t impossible, however. There are simple tools you can use to reach a much bigger audience. Our pros at Pel Hughes have compiled a few great tips to get you started. 

Use EDDM to Build a Mailing List

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a helpful resource for businesses of all sizes but it’s particularly useful for new service-based operations. This resource is offered by the US Post Service and can help you expand your reach in targeted neighborhoods. EDDM is relatively affordable, user-friendly, and efficient. As people respond to your campaigns, you can begin adding more names and addresses to your mailing list. 

Seek Out Attendee Lists from Trade Shows

Attending trade shows is a wise investment for many businesses but it can also be a great source of potential recipients on your mailing list. Many trade shows have accessible attendee lists to help you curate valuable mailing recipients—especially if your business serves other enterprises within a particular industry. 

Purchase Mailing Lists from Specialty Magazines

Like trade shows, specialty magazines serve very specific demographics and industries. Some trade magazines, for example, will sell their mailing list. These mailing lists can help your business develop a database of high-value prospects. 

Use Content Marketing to Your Advantage

If your business is engaging in content marketing, you have a great path to increasing the size and quality of your mailing list. Registration forms, which provide access to private content like blogs or digital newsletters can contain more than just names and e-mail addresses; they can also ask for mailing addresses and phone numbers. This information can help you build a quality mailing list over time. 

Buy a Cloned Mailing List

A cloned mailing list is a great resource for those relying on direct mail marketing to boost sales. A cloned mailing list involves compiling the demographic data associated with your best customers and then purchasing an index that reflects this data. Cloned mailing lists can make it easier to reach audiences of folks who are most likely to engage with your brand. 

Database Services from Pel Hughes

Once you have your mailing list, it is important to maintain it. Pel Hughes offers database management services to keep your mailing list in tip-top shape. We utilize advanced processing technology to ensure that your mailing lists are prioritized and up-to-date with duplicate elimination, address resolution, and data suppression. Our database offerings also include list acquisition through national consumer databases along with sophisticated modeling and analytics. 

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