Corporate Gift Boxes: 3 Clever Ways To Use Them 


In the past, corporate gift boxes were typically associated with the holiday season. Now, however, businesses are utilizing corporate gift boxes in clever ways to stand apart from their competition. These gift boxes can help foster morale within an enterprise as well as solicit potential clients. Our team of experts at Pel Hughes can help you develop eye-catching corporate gift boxes as well as the contents inside them with our expansive offerings of well-liked promotional products

Following are three clever ways your enterprise can leverage corporate gift box campaigns to your advantage. 

#1 Gain a Competitive Edge with Branded Corporate Gift Boxes

Sending out mailers to prospective clients is a common practice in a variety of industries. Typically, these mailers are postcards, circulars, or catalogues. Those engaged in B2B know that potential clients can receive dozens of mailers (or more) in a short time frame. Many times, these mailers end up in the recycle bin without having a second glance. Corporate gift boxes, however, are far more likely to be opened and considered. Compared to flat mailers, a corporate gift box and its contents convey a superior level of thoughtfulness that can convert prospects into satisfied long-term clients. 

#2 Foster Loyalty with Your Clients

Your existing clients are great candidates for corporate gift box campaigns. These campaigns can be sent out as end-of-year gifts or on a client’s onboarding anniversary. It’s common knowledge that retaining clients is cheaper than soliciting new business. Keeping your existing clients happy with excellent service and tokens of appreciation can go a long way in fostering a strong sense of loyalty and respect.

#3 Boost Morale with Employees

Corporate gift boxes are a great way to welcome new employees and celebrate milestones like work anniversaries, completion of team projects, and exceeding department goals. Gift boxes can contain more than just useful goodies like pens and mousepads, they can also house important resources and information for your valued employees—particularly those that are new to your organization. 

Corporate Gift Box Design

Designing an on-brand, professional gift box is a breeze with Pel Hughes. Our team of printing pros and graphic designers can help you select the perfect combination of colors, fonts, and other design elements to ensure that your gift box campaign looks enticing and sleek to your recipients while maintaining a cohesive brand image. 

Promotional Products from Pel Hughes

Our team can assist you with selecting the products housed in your corporate gift box. We offer an array of branded promotional products that can make a lasting impression on your clients and your employees. From pens and notepads to tablet cases and reusable water bottles, you can curate your gift boxes to suits the tastes and needs of your recipients. If you’d like to see our promotional offerings, visit our website at

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