USPS Discounts for Direct Mail in 2023 

Did you know that the USPS offers discounts for direct mail that utilizes components that invoke a sensory experience? In 2023, marketers can save five percent on USPS-delivered direct mail when they develop campaigns that offer a tactile, sensory, or interactive (TSI) mail piece. This promotion runs from February 1st, 2023 to July 31st, 2023.  

Following are some helpful details from the experts at Pel Hughes to find out if this promotion is right for your business.  

Sensory, Tactile, and Interactive Discounts for Direct Mail 

In an effort to improve response rates of direct mail, the USPS is running a promotion for 2023 where marketers can save money on their mail pieces. A five percent discount is applied when direct mail campaigns feature special inks, scents, tastes, and manipulatable elements.  

Specialty Inks 

Discounts for direct mail are applied when specialty inks are implemented into mailers. The USPS accepts a range of ink treatments including: 

  • Light reflective inks 
  • Temperature-influenced dyes and inks 
  • Color-changing inks 
  • Metallic inks 

Sensory and Tactile Elements 

Treatments that tap into the five senses make for very dynamic direct mail. Integrating components like scented mailers and envelopes, edible components, and tactile embellishments such as paper applied with coatings or non-geometric die cuts all qualify for the USPS’ TSI promotion. Other tactile and sensory options include: 

  • Textured surface treatments such as velvet and leather 
  • Holographic stickers and filters 
  • Sound chips 

Interactive Features 

Interactive components can make your mail pieces more memorable, which generates brand recognition and consumer engagement. If you’re looking to incorporate interactive features into your direct mail, the USPS discounts use of the following: 

  • Clean release cards 
  • Zip/Perforated Strips 
  • Scratch-offs 
  • Three dimensional elements such as pop-ups 

For a more detailed look into which TSI features are eligible for this promotion, click here. We recommend consulting with the USPS before printing to ensure that your elements are eligible for the five percent postage discounts for direct mail.  

How Pel Hughes Can Help 

The pros at Pel Hughes utilize the latest printing techniques and technology to ensure that your direct mail campaigns resonate with consumers. We offer an array of treatments, embellishments, specialty inks, and more. Some of our popular TSI treatments include Spot UV printing, die cutting, metallic foils, and raised varnishes.  

Beyond printing, our team can help with procuring excellent mailing lists, graphic design, campaign automation, and database services. Give our friendly experts a call at (504) 486-8646 to learn more.