Direct Mail Marketing Insights from the USPS 

Direct mail marketing is a powerful tool to help expand your brand’s reach and engage with customers. In September, Adweek hosted a conference with executives from the USPS. These executives had several notable insights to share about direct mail and its impact on specific demographic groups. The pros at Pel Hughes have compiled a short rundown of what USPS executives had to say about direct mail marketing at the conference.

#1 The USPS is Modernizing

Sometimes, the USPS doesn’t get the credit it deserves for keeping American civilians and businesses thriving. For instance, millions of prescriptions are delivered on time each week. The USPS provides significant support to businesses of all sizes in nearly every industry. Then, of course, the USPS is tasked with the monumental task of delivering parcels during intense periods of consumer activity such as the winter holidays. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the USPS has seen huge upticks in meeting the shipping demands of numerous retailers.

In an effort to accommodate the changing landscape of American life, the USPS has implemented a 10-year plan to modernize its operations and keep up with the pace of our country’s mailing demands. As part of the bipartisan Postal Service Reform Act, the USPS will reduce its operating budget by $48 million in the next decade. The postal service will also implement a fleet of electric vehicles to deliver mail as part of this 10-year plan.

USPS executives are confident that the postal service will continue to meet the changing demands of American consumers and businesses.

#2 Gen Z is Very Responsive to Direct Mail Marketing

Overall, every generation responds favorably to direct mail marketing. In fact, direct mail has higher ROIs than social media and e-mail advertising. Surprisingly, Gen Z thoroughly enjoys direct mail. As “digital natives” it might be easy to assume that Gen Z would prefer digital contact to physical mail, but this generation is acutely aware of the need to reduce screen time and engage with the world in a more tangible way. Direct mail is appealing to younger folks because it evokes the sense of touch—a sense that cannot be nurtured by the digital world.

#3 Merging Direct Mail with Digital Marketing is Easier than Ever

Direct mail and digital marketing do not have to stand in competition with one another. In fact, direct mail and digital marketing can cooperate with one another in a way that enhances the customer experience and increases consumer engagement. Making your direct mail digital-friendly is a breeze with technology like PURLs (personalized URLs) and QR codes. Inversely, direct mail retargeting is great for making contact by mail after a digital interaction with a consumer.

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