Marketing to Millennials: Digital and Print Response 

Marketing to millennials can be challenging for print and digital marketers. This generation has had their lives earmarked by two radically different worlds. Imagine your formative years consisting of wall-mounted landline telephones, printed maps, and TV Guide subscriptions with your teenage years and adulthood consisting of smartphones, GPS, and Netflix. Tethering between these strikingly different ways of living, millennials are fully capable of embracing the rapid advancement of technology while holding a sentimental nostalgia for life before the Digital Age. The following are some helpful facts about millennials as well as tips for marketing to them for the best response.  

Understanding Millennials—Facts and Statistics You Need to Know 

  • The millennial generation is big! In fact, Millennials outpace Boomers by 1.5 million people. 
  • Millennials fall between the ages of 26 and 42. 
  • This generation is educated, with over a quarter having at least a bachelor’s degree.  
  • The average income for millennials hovers just above $35,000.  
  • Millennials collectively contribute over $1 trillion in disposable income to the economy. 
  • Millennials are the most racially, ethnically, and religiously diverse generation in the United States’ history. 

Due to their life experiences, millennials are largely misunderstood by older generations. The millennial generation grew up through widespread divorce, overworked parents, rapid increases in cost of living, and several economic and geopolitical crises. These events and experiences led to millennials prioritizing work-life balance and craving a sense of social progress through informed consumerism. Millennials have taken a hit in the press with numerous pieces written about them accusing them of being entitled or lazy because their priorities and worldview differs from that of their predecessors.  

Earning a millennials’ patronage of your business involves so much more than offering a great deal on a product or service. Due to coming-of-age with the World Wide Web at their fingertips, millennials tend to be very socially aware of global societal issues and want to spend their money with companies who operate ethically, sustainably, and fairly. This is why corporations and brands with strong social responsibility initiatives resonate particularly well with millennials.  

Beyond socially conscious consumerism, millennials respond well to personalization. From personalized sneakers to programmable thermostats, millennials enjoy products and services tailored to their needs and lifestyle.  

Tips for Effective Marketing to Millennials 

While millennials are dialed in to social media, e-mail and app-based commerce, they are surprisingly receptive to traditional marketing channels like direct mail. In fact, according to the USPS, millennials enjoy checking their mailboxes and are more likely to respond to direct mail than many other forms of advertising.  

When it comes to direct mail, offering coupons and promotional offers are helpful for grabbing a younger consumers’ attention but building a lasting relationship with millennials often involves selling your brand’s unique approach to social responsibility along with personalized goods and services.  

Although direct mail is a winning strategy for marketing to millennials, its effectiveness is best paired with an omnichannel approach. Smart direct mail—embedded with QR codes or PURLs along with personalized copy can help drive young consumers to your digital channels. QR codes and digital engagement will also provide the metrics you need to find out what types of messaging work best with millennial consumers.  

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