USPS Retargeting Promotion for 2023 

The USPS Retargeting Promotion commences September 1st and ends November 30th. Eligible campaigns can receive a significant 5% discount on postage. There are several requirements’ marketers must follow to be eligible for the USPS Retargeting promotion. Direct mail retargeting is an effective method for increasing sales, enhancing your customers’ digital experience, and maintaining thoughtful contact with clientele. Following are some helpful facts about this USPS promotion. 

What is Direct Mail Retargeting? 

Direct mail retargeting is a form of cross media marketing that reengages a customer from an online interaction through direct mail. Actions online that demonstrate an intent to purchase, for example, such as abandoning a shopping cart or signing up for promotional deals are great opportunities to follow up with customers in real life. Advanced software can automatically detect a customer’s interest in your business and prepare a targeted mail piece within minutes. Retargeting can offer incentives to purchase with promotional codes and discounts, too. Direct mail retargeting is a thoughtful way to make doing business with your brand that much easier.  

USPS Retargeting Promotion Requirements 

The USPS Retargeting promotion of a 5% discount involves some eligibility requirements. To get a full understanding of a marketer’s requirements, we recommend downloading the official USPS Retargeting PDF by clicking here. Below are some helpful highlights of this promotion’s requirements.  

Eligible & Ineligible Mail Pieces 

First-class postcards of the following sizes are eligible for the USPS Retargeting promotion: 4.25 x 6” single piece and Pre-Sort First Class postcards along with 6×9” Pre-Sort postcards.  

Ineligible mail pieces include periodicals, bound printed matter, media mail, First-Class letters and flats, USPS Marketing Mail letters and flats, Non-Profit USPS Marketing Mail letters and flats.  

Intelligent Mail Barcodes 

Marketers must use USPS Intelligent Mail barcodes that contain either STID 498 or 499.  

The process for participating in the USPS Retargeting promotion involves four steps. The first step is to receive pre-approval for your targeting process from the USPS. Then, registering for the promotion upon approval. Marketers will then prepare electronic postage statements that are sent to the USPS. Lastly, mailers can be sent between September 1st and November 30th. 

How Pel Hughes Can Help  

The direct mail experts at Pel Hughes are happy to help our clients enjoy USPS promotions whenever possible. Our team can help you employ direct mail retargeting software with your campaigns, design direct mail pieces, and print your direct mail campaigns. We offer a suite of tools to assist our clients including cross media marketing, graphic design, campaign automation, and database services. Give our friendly experts a call at (504) 486-8646 to learn more.