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How to choose the best paper for your message and brand

When it comes to methods of modern communication, sometimes paper can seem like a vestige of the past. We tend to get caught up in the digital words and graphics of our modern world.   But what about the power of the tactile? The impact of giving your customer something to touch and experience? When […]

Mohawk MakeReady: Resources for Digital Printing

Everybody loves a deal. That’s why the team here at Pel Hughes is in love with Mohawk MakeReady and the site’s free downloadable resources. We’re not talking about wordy white papers or useless guides. We’re talking FREE dielines (templates for packages that show cut lines and folds of a package on a flattened surface) your […]

Dos and Don’ts if you are considering direct mail

Direct mail marketing to potential customers can be a very effective and lucrative tool in your marketing toolbelt. You just have to know how to use it to your advantage. There are lots of DOs and DON’Ts when it comes to direct mail campaigns. Here are some of them: DO:   Test and measure, then […]

Pel Hughes 2017 Holiday Campaign

How can you get a 32% response rate? We did! For our 2017 Holiday Campaign, we decided to make it extra interactive. We conceived a highly organized and personalized (and FUN) campaign to stand out from the generic campaigns that tend to go out during the holidays. To accomplish this, our design team created goofy caricatures […]

Can an online marketing portal help you?

In today’s ever-changing digital marketing world, marketing pros are in constant need of the most up-to-date data sheets, brochures, logos, videos, photos, and a wide array of other digital products — in one easy-to-access and user-friendly place. Does such a thing exist? Yes, yes it does. It’s called an online marketing portal, and it automates […]

Benefit of campaign management automation

We all know that automating your marketing campaigns is a time-saver, but are there other benefits as well? Yes! Here are just some of the ways that campaign management automation can help your business or cause: Less lead time: Faster coordination, less time scheduling and launching, less time measuring. All in all, what used to […]

Katie the Komori: Louisiana’s Only H-UV printer

We’ve got a new family member at Pel Hughes, and she’s a big beauty. She wasn’t the easiest piece of equipment to get through the door,  but now that we have her, we’re never letting go. Please allow us to introduce you to….. Katie the Komori! Her specialty is H-UV printing, and we’re pretty thrilled […]

How die cutting can set you apart

At Pel Hughes, we understand how hard it is to stand out on a desk or in a mailbox, so we offer services that will help your brand shine! One of those services is die cutting. But what exactly is “die cutting?” Definitively, “die cutting” refers to the cutting of a thin, flat material into […]

Image and Video Personalization

Personalizing your brand’s marketing materials is more important now than ever before; people are overwhelmed with irrelevant junk messaging, and they’re understandably quite sick of it. So what’s the answer to getting in front of your audience and NOT making them want to punch your brand in the metaphorical face? Personalization. According to Hubspot, almost […]