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How Digital Printing is Disrupting the Packaging Industry

From a relatively contemporary standpoint, the packaging industry began to flourish with the introduction of metal packaging in the early 1800’s. Since then, several technologies have disrupted the industry, from polyethylene, to cardboard, to plastics. Today, it’s digital printing that is changing the way the packaging industry operates. When you consider the mass consumerization of […]

5 Avoidable Design Mistakes in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the most effective tools for reaching your audience and establishing your brand. With a talented graphic designer, companies can deliver visual messages that bring their vision to life and create graphics that stick. Unfortunately, small mistakes in final design products can leave lasting negative impressions in potential clients, and even […]

4 Advantages of Digital Printing

Like virtually every other aspect of our lives, printing has not only gone digital, it’s thriving there. With more manufacturers and full-scale production of digital tabletop printers than ever, it’s no wonder that older technology such as flexographic presses that use polymer plates are becoming outdated. And there is a reason why digital printing continues […]

How Direct Mail Can Help Build Brand Awareness

When the argument for effectiveness of direct mail comes up it’s undoubtedly compared to its digital counterpart. And for good reason. In our modern technology-driven world, it’s generally assumed that anything coming in digital form is more efficient and more effective.  Although this is largely true in many facets, ranging from online shopping to digital […]


Trends That Changed the Design Industry

The practice of graphic design is one that is in constant flux. Although there are major elements that drive change every few years or so, industry trends often fluctuate year-to-year, or even month-to-month.  However, there are a few trends that have transformed the practice altogether, and it’s minor alterations of these trends that designers focus […]

Top 10 Graphic Design Predictions For 2020

Each year there are subtle, yet impactful changes in the trends of graphic design. Designers that are out-of-touch with these trends will be left behind and see their product suffer as a result.  In order to help combat this and keep graphic creators abreast of imminent developments in the new decade, we’ve composed a comprehensive […]

Engage Customers with Direct Mail Automation

In our ever-evolving digital world, email has become more of a standard nuisance rather than a creative tool to engage products. On average, business people around 120 emails per day and the ordinary Gmail account contains over 8,000 messages.  So what’s the alternative?  Direct mail is still a front-runner when it comes to messages that […]

3 Email Marketing Problems Solved by Direct Mail

To nobody’s surprise, the debate lives on: email vs. direct mail marketing. Although there was an upswing in email marketing over a decade ago, there is more than enough recent research to show that direct mail has made a significant comeback.  For example, direct mail is now tied with social media as the second-most used […]