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What is Every Door Direct Mail?

Although digital has dominated the marketing landscape for more than a decade, direct mail is still relevant for building your brand and expanding your consumer base. Studies show that direct mail is very effective at driving sales and developing a targeted awareness for your brand.  At Pel Hughes, we believe in the power of the […]

Win customers with colorful packaging

Color is a powerful element in designing great packaging. The right colors, chosen to complement one another, can turn curious consumers into loyal customers who will select your product from a sea of competitors. Improper color execution, however, can turn people away from your product. Developing the right color scheme for your product is a […]


Direct Mail and Print Marketing Can Complement and Increase Online Sales

Marketing in the 21st century is certainly dominated by digital channels. While having a content-forward website and blog along with an active social media presence is essential to a business’ survival, print advertising and direct mail still have a place in every business’ marketing strategy. In fact, properly executing direct and print marketing initiatives can […]

Make an Impact at Your Next Trade Show

The time to think about and prepare for your next trade show is right after your last one. Before you hit the trade show floor, having your game plan, your players, and your props in order is important to make a serious impact on trade show attendees (aka: your potential prospects and customers). When it […]


5 Quick Reasons You Should Offer a Monthly Newsletter

Although a print newsletter is antiquated, sending out a newsletter via e-mail is a great way to touch base with your client/customer base. You can embed hyperlinks, video content, photos, and even repurpose blogs from your website into a newsletter. Newsletters can be used to drive promotional sales and donations to social causes, too. If […]

Benefits of Surveys in Your Marketing Campaigns

There’s a reason Fortune 500 companies invest big bucks into market research. Understanding consumers’ needs, wants, and habits can help businesses increase their sales, develop new and innovative products, and improve existing offerings. The tried-and-true survey still exists for a reason: it provides reliable and useful data for enterprises in diverse industries. Here’s four good […]

How to Scale Your Marketing Plans

There is no one size fits all approach to marketing. Companies of different sizes and various industries can have diverse needs. The preferences of their customers can vary substantially, too. Most small and medium size companies have to keep a close eye on costs; they also need their marketing initiatives to be effective. When getting […]

Why You Should Personalize Your Direct Mail Campaigns

The digital world has definitely changed the landscape of marketing and advertising. Many forms of traditional marketing have waned in popularity but that doesn’t mean all conventional print advertising is obsolete. One form of marketing that still deserves your attention is direct mail campaigns. When executed effectively, direct mail yields great results. The best way […]

Making the Most of Your Email Lists

Did you know that email marketing produces more revenue than any other form of digital marketing? It’s true; e-mail marketing generates higher ROIs than social media campaigns, promotional offers, and pay-per-click advertising. Beyond cultivating great email lists, it’s vital that businesses know how to use their e-mail lists to yield the best results. Developing Great […]


Should You Invest in a Corporate Brochure?

In the last couple of decades, online initiatives like websites and social media have taken the spotlight when it comes to marketing. While digital marketing is definitely worthwhile for building a brand and increasing sales, there are still many reasons to invest in conventional marketing efforts.  Although many businesses prefer to skip phone books and […]