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Develop a Successful and Sustainable Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail marketing continues to be one of the most effective tools for reaching consumers and bringing them to action. In fact, a recent study by Temple University shows that direct mail is outperforming digital ads in eight out of nine categories, and direct mail marketing holds consumer attention longer and has a more significant […]

The Top 5 Graphic Design Trends of 2019

Activism, chaotic typography, negative space designs and metallic elements dominated graphic design in 2018. However, that was so…well, 2018.  Not to say that these trends have completely faded into obscurity–trends such as activism and metallic colors are still popular–but this is a new year and with it comes new graphic trends. Below are the top […]

How to Leverage Big Data for a Highly Effective Direct Marketing Campaign

As time progresses and technology improves, much of work and life is becoming quantified.  We rely on numbers and “big data” to analyze performance, obtain a competitive advantage in the workplace and ultimately stay in business.  However, generating inroads with customers proves that much more challenging with each passing day as more products and services […]

Direct Mail Ideas That Will Help You Connect With Local Clients

Finding and retaining clients is easier said than done.  It is enough of a challenge in and of itself to make initial connections with potential clients.  Determining the optimal marketing approach adds a new wrinkle. Make prudent use of direct mail and you will generate important inroads with clients that have the potential to prove […]


The Most Important Elements of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail has reached a mainstream tipping point for good reason.  The strategic use of this marketing method connects you to those most inclined to spend for your services.  In fact, direct mail marketing response rates have never been higher. There is clearly a shift in the manner in which consumers view advertising.  People are […]

Common yet Easily Avoidable Graphic Design Mistakes

Most graphic designers fall into the same traps at the outset of their career.  There is no shame in making these common mistakes. However, it is best to learn from the errs of others and sidestep setbacks when possible.  Let’s take a quick look at some of the most common graphic design mistakes to heighten […]


Email Marketing Challenges Solved by Direct Mail

Those paying attention to trends in inbound and outbound marketing have caught wind of direct mail’s recent spike in popularity. Goldman Sachs recently devoted $25 million to the integration of direct mail in its email-centered automated advertising platforms.  Furthermore, the popular email marketing platform MailChimp, debuted a new service that empowers people to design and […]