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In a World Wide Web of Design: Here Are the Best Sites for Inspiration

Face it, a good website is all about design. Content comes in at a distant second. Without a gripping and easy-to-use design, users will just move on to the next website. If you’re feeling a little “designer block” in developing your killer website, we’ve developed the ultimate list of go-to sites for inspiration. Take a […]

5 Reasons Why Direct Mail Is an Effective Business Tool

It’s no longer accurate to say that readers are moving toward a digital preference to receive their content. Readers aren’t moving that way, they’re already there. So, then, why is this article titled “5 Reasons Why Direct Mail is an Effective Business Tool”? Short answer: Statistics, science and physical connection. Long answer: see below.   […]

Enough Already! Print is Not Dead

We’ve been hearing it for years now: “The print industry is dying!” “Nobody reads hardcopy anymore!” “Everything is going digital!” Can I just say one thing? Enough already! Print is not dead, nor is it going anywhere in the future. Yes, e-book reader sales are up, social media has taken over (virtually) every facet of […]

Spot vs. Process – Why and When to Go with Spot Color

As a designer, one of the most important decisions you must make is in regard to the colors in your design. Admittedly, there can be a lot of confusion when determining whether to use spot colors or process colors, and understanding the difference between the two can be the difference between a good and great […]

7 Reasons Why Catalogs are the Marketing Tool King

It’s no longer accurate to say that readers are moving toward a digital preference to receive their content. Readers aren’t moving that way, they’re already there. In a world controlled by information consumed online, one thing remains true: people engage through stories. While many marketing mediums prove successful, it’s the age old wonder of the […]

What is a Marketing Portal?

With so much marketing technology available, it’s important to understand what a marketing portal is, and what it can do for growing organizations. Put simply, a marketing portal is a key resource used to organize, customize, and distribute on-brand marketing content. It also helps a corporate marketing team control their brand messaging, while still giving […]


Everything You Need To Know About Vinyl Banners

With today’s fast paced environments, you need something that can grab attention and convey information quickly. Vinyl banners are a must. Vinyl banners are great for promoting products, conferences, sporting events, corporate gatherings, or even personal events such as birthday or graduation parties. They are most effective if you incorporate large, bright images as they […]

What Trade Show Product Do You Need?

Here’s a little secret about trade shows — they’re not all the same. If you’ve been to different conferences or conventions, this may not be much of a surprise. But if it’s your first time to set up a trade show booth –or if you want to make the most out of it –it pays […]

A guide to embossing and debossing

Embossing and debossing are both great ways to enhance your prints and bring attention to specific elements of your design. These processes add texture to business cards, post cards, brochures and more, by creating raised or depressed areas on the paper. Highlight important details, such as logo, graphic, or names! Adding a tactile dimension to […]

What is a self mailer?

You probably find self-mailers in your mailbox almost every day, but you may not realize what a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool they can be. A self-mailer is promotional material that’s mailed without an envelope. It can be anything from a simple postcard to an elaborate brochure or catalog. You might think of self-mailers as […]