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Common yet Easily Avoidable Graphic Design Mistakes

Most graphic designers fall into the same traps at the outset of their career.  There is no shame in making these common mistakes. However, it is best to learn from the errs of others and sidestep setbacks when possible.  Let’s take a quick look at some of the most common graphic design mistakes to heighten […]


Email Marketing Challenges Solved by Direct Mail

Those paying attention to trends in inbound and outbound marketing have caught wind of direct mail’s recent spike in popularity. Goldman Sachs recently devoted $25 million to the integration of direct mail in its email-centered automated advertising platforms.  Furthermore, the popular email marketing platform MailChimp, debuted a new service that empowers people to design and […]


The Time has Come for Marketers to Reconsider Their Channel Mix

The arrival of the digital era has provided marketers with an abundance of channels to connect with prospective customers.  These breakthrough methods of communication certainly have their merits yet there is opportunity beyond online marketing. Email is now one of the most revered avenues to connect with customers.  The challenge lies in getting those on […]

The Best Fonts for Graphic Designers

Graphic design is no longer constrained to the artful presentation of documents or websites.  Improvements in mobile tech and the world wide web have forged new paths for communication. Everything from the design of online stores to the aesthetics of logos, banners, flyers, slogans and brochures shapes customer perception.  Font is particularly important at conveying […]


How Graphic Design is Used for Content Marketing

Graphic design is essential to content marketing.  Carefully crafted visual content has the potential to prove quite engaging and persuasive when presented by true professionals with extensive industry experience.  So don’t think of graphic design as drawings; this line of work is more about communicating in an artful manner with visually appealing images. From the […]

The Latest Email Design Trends

Direct mail marketing has quickly become a highly effective means of maintaining a rapport with interested clients.  The design of your emails matters just as much, if not more, than the actual content. Find the right mix of design and content and it won’t be long until your direct mail marketing campaign generates real results. […]

Direct Mail + Millennials: A Counterintuitive Jackpot?

Millennials are the first generation to come of age in the Digital Age. They’re the most comfortable with social media, computers, technology, and digitizing and automating tasks. They came of age during a time when print media went on the decline. For example, many may have never even read a newspaper, much less subscribed to […]

Useful YouTube Channels For Designers

There are plenty of books, blogs, and articles on design. However, designers really are a visual bunch. After all, designers use their creativity to create visually appealing, stunning, and eye-catching work. Thus, it really makes sense that, when looking for ideas, tutorials, advice, and inspiration, that we look for visual guides. YouTube is the place […]


Benefits of Using Variable Data Printing

Direct mail can be cheap and impersonal, or it can be cheap and personal. Generic campaigns put you in front of your customers, but do you capture their attention? With variable data printing, small businesses and marketers in niches can vary their marketing campaigns to target the specific needs of a diverse audience without having […]


Where Direct Mail Fits in Your Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Companies do their best to adjust their marketing efforts to an increasingly digital world by becoming more accessible on a variety of platforms. While quantity may make a company more visible, without integration and the ability to move from one channel to another, a company is never fully utilizing their marketing potential. Omnichannel marketing synthesizes […]