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Why You Should Personalize Your Direct Mail Campaigns

The digital world has definitely changed the landscape of marketing and advertising. Many forms of traditional marketing have waned in popularity but that doesn’t mean all conventional print advertising is obsolete. One form of marketing that still deserves your attention is direct mail campaigns. When executed effectively, direct mail yields great results. The best way […]

Making the Most of Your Email Lists

Did you know that email marketing produces more revenue than any other form of digital marketing? It’s true; e-mail marketing generates higher ROIs than social media campaigns, promotional offers, and pay-per-click advertising. Beyond cultivating great email lists, it’s vital that businesses know how to use their e-mail lists to yield the best results. Developing Great […]


Should You Invest in a Corporate Brochure?

In the last couple of decades, online initiatives like websites and social media have taken the spotlight when it comes to marketing. While digital marketing is definitely worthwhile for building a brand and increasing sales, there are still many reasons to invest in conventional marketing efforts.  Although many businesses prefer to skip phone books and […]

Pel Hughes’ Storefront: The Future of Brand Management is Here

Storefront from Pel Hughes offers unparalleled marketing execution and supply chain management for businesses in a number of industries. Especially beneficial for franchises and national companies, this user-friendly portal can help deliver consistent branding and marketing materials without blowing out your budget. Storefront also helps businesses manage their marketing costs and reduce waste. Storefront houses […]

Tracking your Return on Investment (ROI) on Print Marketing

With such a wide range of print marketing materials available, keeping track of return on investment on sales, marketing and promotional items can be a headache. In today’s financial climate, though, with advertising budgets shrinking, you need to know what’s working and what isn’t if you’re going to make the most of limited resources. Before […]

3 Ways to Effectively Track Your Print Marketing Campaign

Whether it’s digital or in print, your marketing campaign is only as successful as the metrics that generated from your strategy. One of the reasons that digital marketing has become so effective is due to the large amount of tracking points that can be collected. Unfortunately, many marketing teams believe that tracking can only be […]

Track and Measure Your Direct Mail Efforts

Direct mail marketing continues to be one of the most effective tools for reaching consumers and bringing them to action. In fact, a recent study by Temple University shows that direct mail is outperforming digital ads in eight out of nine categories, and direct mail marketing holds consumer attention longer and has a more significant […]

Why Your Business Needs a Dedicated Printing Company

As the digital revolution continues to reshape many industries, the printing industry has undergone major changes. Virtually every aspect of the business now incorporates some form of digital applications. From graphic design, to proofs to the actual printing process, there are many new capabilities and efficiencies made possible by digital technology. Anyone who used a […]

Can Your Business Benefit from Using a Packaging Company?

If you are in the business of manufacturing, one of the most important aspects of your distribution cycle is packaging your product. In fact, a recent study shows that packaging plays a key role in the purchasing decisions of 72% of American consumers, and other one shows that 61% of consumers say they are much […]

3 Ideas For A/B Testing in Email Marketing

It’s now well proven that email marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies in terms of return on investment (ROI). If you have any doubt, here are a few statistics that may help: 80% of retail marketers and professionals credit email marketing as their greatest tool for customer retention, Consumers who purchase through email […]