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Importance of Direct Mail in Omnichannel Marketing

As marketing techniques continue to change and evolve, so do sales approaches toward customer experiences. Consumers today can purchase the same product from a brick-and-mortar retail outlet as they can from a desktop or cell phone. Omnichannel marketing is the approach that seeks to ensure these various shopping experiences are seamless for the consumer. It […]

Email vs. Direct Mail Marketing: Is There a Clear Winner?

Ever since the introduction of email to mass consumers, there has been a debate as to whether email is a more effective marketing tool. As the convenience and speed of email pressed on, most people anticipated the eventual demise of physical, direct mail marketing campaigns. However, this hasn’t proven to be the case. The most […]

Graphic Design: The Bread and Butter of Successful Marketing

The ability of the human brain to retain visual information is quite astounding. And it makes sense when you think about it. Humans have always relied on their visual senses to apprehend major threats, food supplies and reproductive opportunities. If a human hears a piece of information, three days later they’ll remember 10% of it. […]

5 Essential Marketing Skills in a Digital World

The overall goal of a marketer is to build trust with the consumer. It’s this relationship that will plant the seed with your brand, and it’s the continued confidence that will keep them coming back. Building this trust is difficult – it always has been. However, as consumers and products become even more entwined online, […]

Top 5 Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The importance of a well-structured, cohesive and effective marketing campaign cannot be overstated. To keep your marketing techniques relevant, you must conduct marketing audits and flush out what works and what is holding you back. This article explores 5 of the most common marketing mistakes made by today’s companies and how to avoid them. Doing […]

6 Best Practices for Direct Mail Advertising

While direct mail advertising is decreasing, it is still 37 times more effective than email, according the Data and Marketing Association. Given the success of direct mail in advertising and marketing campaigns, it’s important to craft well-executed and creative messages to influence consumers. Below are 6 proven practices to ensure your consumers are reached and […]

Tracking Offline Marketing Campaigns Is Easier Than You Think

Offline marketing tools such as magazines, TV commercials, billboards, vehicle wraps, etc. can be a great way to generate exposure and market your brand. However, most businesses believe it is difficult to measure how successful these campaigns are. That isn’t the case. The expansion of tracking tools and customizing online presence now make it possible […]


Real-time Data Meets Direct Mail Marketing

Despite a global transition to everything digital, direct mail marketing continues to dominate. Direct marketers continue to spend $45 billion each year in the United States. 80% of consumers engage with direct mail, and 95% of 18-29 year olds claim to have a positive response when receiving direct mail. Given the high performance and preference […]

Significance of Engagement Marketing through Direct Mail

Rather than viewing consumers as passive receivers of information, engagement marketing is a concept that looks at consumers as active members in the marketing process. Engagement marketing seeks to engage consumers and encourage them to participate in the building of a brand. Naturally, one might expect that digital mail is the best way to reach […]