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Direct Mail and Seminar Sales: A Winning Combination 

Direct mail is an incredibly versatile form of advertising. Businesses of all kinds, including medical and dental practices, boutiques, service-based businesses, and even non-profit organizations can utilize direct mail to reach a wider audience and boost their revenue. Direct mail and seminar sales are an especially powerful combination for striking relationships with consumers and increasing […]

2023 Design Trends You Should Know About 

The New Year is just around the corner. In 2023, design trends will likely have a unique aesthetic that reflect the norms and tastes of the time. Brands, businesses, and organizations should look to 2023 design trends and give their media a facelift to ensure that they can appeal to as many consumers as possible. […]


Five Must-See Inspirational Ad Campaigns 

Inspirational ad campaigns can leave a lasting impression on the general public. This form of advertising is great for for-profit and non-profit organizations—especially when inspiration is executed with authenticity. Inspirational ad campaigns can generate powerful responses, brand loyalty, and increased sales. Many times, inspirational ads go viral because their content is share-worthy on social media […]

Using Print Media for Branding 

Did you know that the brain is far more likely to remember text on printed materials than from a digital source? According to the Scientific American, print is far more memorable than words on a screen. Additionally, print offers a sensory experience through touch, sight, and smell that the digital realm cannot replicate. These facts […]

Content Marketing: Pitfalls to Avoid 

Today’s business climate is hypercompetitive and one way to stand out from the crowd is with effective content marketing. Modern consumers are tech-savvy, consumption-conscious, and have abundant options for the goods and services they desire. Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar retailer, a dentist, or a service-based business, developing a solid content marketing strategy is a must […]

Direct Mail for Dental and Medical Practices 

For medical and dental practices to stay afloat, practitioners must accomplish two things: acquiring patients and retaining them. In addition to marketing with social media, websites, and e-mail newsletters, dentists and doctors need to reach out beyond the digital space. One often overlooked yet effective advertising method is direct mail. Direct mail for dental and […]


Cross Media Marketing with Smarter Direct Mail 

Smarter direct mail campaigns should be a part of every enterprise’s cross media marketing strategy. While conventional direct mail offers a high ROI, its effects are further enhanced when direct mail implements tracking metrics like QR codes and PURLs along with digital outreach in the form of e-mail marketing. As regulations change the way data […]

Direct Mail Formatting: 5 Issues To Know About

While direct mail is a marketing powerhouse for businesses and non-profit organizations, formatting issues could put a big damper on your campaign. The US Postal Service imposes strict regulations on direct mail campaigns so it is important that marketers stay abreast of these potential concerns well before their campaigns are printed. Following are five issues […]

10 Tips for Non-Profit Marketing That You Should Know 

Marketing for cause-based organizations presents unique challenges—particularly when it comes to cultivating lasting relationships with recurring donors, broadening your base of contributors, and raising awareness for worthy causes. Fortunately, our experts at Pel Hughes have compiled ten tips for non-profit marketing to help spark some inspiration.   Top Ten Tips for Non-Profit Marketing  Use Cross Media […]


CRM Integration with Direct Mail 

In last week’s post, we discussed the benefits of CRM (customer relationship management) software for businesses and organizations. CRM provides helpful tools to marketers, sales professionals, and customer service representatives. Another great aspect of this software is that CRM integration with direct mail can help marketers deploy effective print advertising campaigns based on reliable metrics […]