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4 Simple Ways to Create Winning Direct Mail Campaigns

Although it may be lost on the general population, marketers recognize that direct mail is still one of the largest drivers of business in the game. For the non-believers, consider this: Direct mail is the second-most used medium (57%), tied with social media. Direct mail pulls a higher response rate than any digital direct marketing […]

Is Print Dead?

“Is print dead?” seems to be one of those almost existential questions that has been asked over the past couple decades, with people expecting the answer to—at least at some point—be “yes”. We’re all aware of the digital age we live in and the importance of social media in our everyday lives. And naturally, as […]

5 Tools to Improve Marketing Strategy & ROI

Developing a strategic marketing strategy that drives brand awareness, consumer investment and underlying profits is the goal of any marketing team. However, even professionals with years of experience and proven tactics are constantly seeking new methods to improve marketing ROI.  With dozens of tools available to help marketers, choosing the most effective is challenging. Below […]

Maximize Digital Marketing Campaigns by Engaging Direct Mail

As the digital landscape continues to shift, many marketing teams feel pressure to rollback or abandon their direct mail campaigns completely. With the popularity of digital formats and various options for receiving digital content, the perceived logic goes that tangible mail is a thing of the past.  This is the mindset of unproductive marketers that […]

Benefits of Predictive Models in Higher Ed

Like most areas of the educational world these days, technology is forcing higher education institutions to do more with less. Institutions are under increasing pressure to admit more students, retain these students, and do their best to ensure student success. Facing this pressure, tech-savvy institutions can benefit greatly from predictive analytics and predictive models to […]


3 Direct Mail Tips for Digital Marketers

It’s probably an understatement to say that most marketing teams put more focus and energy into their digital campaigns. And why shouldn’t they? Most of their intended audience spends hours a day online, either surfing the web, checking social media, or sifting through emails. However, marketers that focus solely on the digital aspect and forget […]

5 Interactive Direct Mail Marketing Ideas

Most marketing teams know that even in our digital age, direct mail is still one of the most efficient and effective methods of reaching your consumer base. However, it’s the simplicity and popularity of direct mail marketing that also make it vulnerable to being tossed in the garbage along with credit card applications and cable […]

Personalization in Marketing: Look to the Numbers to See its Importance

Creating a customer-focused experience is at the top of virtually every successful marketing campaign. And consumers continue to be frustrated with businesses that do not tailor their content to bridge the gap between product and consumer interests. Recent statistics prove that while delivering a personalized experience is more important than ever, it’s often easier said […]

The Importance of Lead Generation for Successful Modern Business

It’s no secret that most successful businesses in today’s environment require a larger audience base and constantly seek methods for improving their marketing strategies to increase this audience. Lead generation is one of the most important aspect of any marketing strategy and acts a stimulant for potential customers. It is the driving factor from initial […]