Integrate Your Direct Mail and Social Media Efforts


There is no doubt that social networks are continuing to grow in popularity among all age groups. Recent statistics from Pew Internet & American Life Project indicated that 65% of online adults use social networking sites.  Marketers should continue to devote resources into using that channel to reach customers and prospects. However, this can also […]

Improve Direct Mail Efforts With Data


One of the biggest ways you can reduce your costs (but also increase your ROI!) is to segment your mailing list. Once you do that, you can then use the following techniques to improve the success of your marketing efforts: Present targeted text and graphics: While segmenting your mailing list, you should be able […]

Marketers, Prepare Yourselves!

We all love answers. If our boss asks us a question, we feel really good if we have one. If we are doing the question-posing, a satisfaction itch should be scratched at least a little bit, even if the answer wasn’t exactly what we wanted. (For example – Q. Can we just order pizza tonight […]