Marketing yourself or your business isn’t just about gaining new clients, although this is a vital aspect of the process. This part of marketing also includes keeping your old clients up to date with your business and making sure you’re continuously reaching out to these individuals about the specials you’re running and anything that may appeal to them enough that they want to maintain a business relationship with you.

Every six months or so you should go through your list and remove people who are no longer interested in your business. These are the individuals who no longer respond, show up to important events, open your emails or purchase your products. There’s no reason to focus on people who aren’t interested in you and your business anymore. Keep your focus on the people who have continuously made an effort to keep up with your business. You may want to reach out to the people who you don’t feel are following your emails anymore and inquire if they would like to remain on your list. You’ll also want to remove bad emails and anyone’s that bounce back to you. Cleaning out your list is important since you don’t want to focus your energy on people who aren’t interested in what you have to offer.

Another important aspect of managing your marketing list is to make sure your addresses are up to date. When you’re sending to addresses that are no longer valid, you’re not doing yourself or your business any favors. This is why you need to make sure people update their email with you.

In some instance, the unopened emails might be costing you. Let’s say you send out an email to a large number of people and some of them never open them. If the payment you make to your marketing agent revolves around the number of contacts you have, you’re paying for the people who aren’t opening your emails.