Benefits of Incorporating Direct Mail and Email in the Same Marketing Campaign

According to Karl Dukes, a UK marketing executive, when combined with email marketing, print mail campaigns produce more conversions than either medium used alone. In order to leverage these two mediums, you must know how to use them together effectively. Although most firms are investing in digital marketing, half of all consumers delete email messages as soon as they receive them.

As an advertiser, your challenge is figuring out how to combine the effectiveness of direct mail with the efficiency of email to increase your marketing campaign response rates. Almost three-fourths of all consumers who receive a direct mail piece open and review the mailer. In contrast, this percentage drops to one-third of email recipients. Most consumers enjoy receiving mail and are even disappointed when their mailbox is empty and, rather than discarding a marketing piece immediately, will keep the mailer for later review.

You can effectively increase consumer engagement by combining direct mail and email marketing in your advertising campaigns. Direct mail pieces make a consumer feel important and are more effective at gaining a consumer’s attention than email alone; over twice as many consumers that receive a direct mail piece, versus an email alone, will remember your brand message. Adding direct mail to your email campaign increases advertising effectiveness. A mail piece encourages consumers to consider your offering and helps them form an opinion of your brand. A follow-up email communication allows you to increase your brand strength in the consumer’s mind, divulge more information about your offering and lead your consumers to conversion.

Direct mail and email used together can help move consumers through the sales process and increase your consumers’ lifespan with your firm. Marketing campaigns that combine direct mail and email see a response rate five times higher than email marketing used alone. Using these two mediums together can give your marketing campaigns a response boost that will greatly increase your firm’s profits.

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  1. Scott Adams
    Scott Adams says:

    I hadn’t thought about how direct mail makes a customer pay more attention to you. I have been wanting to start a business and I wasn’t sure how to make people aware of it. I can see how it would be nice to use direct mailing, to make local people aware of where my business would be.


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