5 tips to get the best response on your direct mail

5 tips to get the best response on your direct mail - PEL HUGHES

Direct mail gets a bad rap, and we all know it. In an ever-evolving world of technology and marketing, there seem to be hundreds of more “glamorous” tools to connect customers with your brand, but businesses still integrate this old school method in their efforts. Why? Because direct mail is not dead. According to a […]

What is Every Door Direct Mail?

what is every door direct mail - pel hughes printing new orleans

From e-blasts to event marketing, content to promotional, the available methods for spreading the word about your product or service seems…well, limitless. And maybe a little overwhelming. At Pel Hughes, we believe in the power of the tactile. In the irreplaceable impact of an item someone can hold in their hands. Something that says “hey, […]

Why Direct Mail is (Still) Important for B2B marketing

Our world has gone digital. We receive important notifications by email or text, banking and buying are done mostly online and many prefer talking to friends via social media instead of in-person. That doesn’t mean direct mail is any less effective in a digital age. All forms of print marketing maintain relevancy in our world today. Here is why […]